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Port of Varna
1906 - 2004

1 Slaveykov Sq., 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 52 692232, +359 52 692332, +359 52 602191
Fax: +359 52 632953; E-mail:

Port of Varna
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Two inland canals connect Varna East to Lake Varna, Lake Beloslav and Port of Varna West.In view of the stated safe canal depths, only vessels of draft less than 9,90 m (32'05") and airdraft up to 41,72 m. are allowed to Port of Varna West.

The existing depths of the ship berths and the approaches to them allow the handling of vessels of capacity up to 50 000 tonnes.

Port of Varna PLC offers full service - stevedoring, loading, discharging, forwarding, storage and various intermodal services.

In Port of Varna PLC operate 65 electric cranes and about 400 pieces of various ship, landside and warehouse port facilities. The port open-air storage area is 454 000 sq.m. and the warehouses have 76 000 sq.m.

It has a well-forked railway and road network. The existing port facilities allow the handling of practically all kinds of solid bulk, break-bulk, containerized and some liquid-bulk cargoes.