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Urals Optical & Mechanical Plant
Address 33B Vostochnaya Street, Yekaterinburg, Russia 620100
Tel. No. +7 3432 241 803
Fax No. +7 3432 241 680
Year of foundation 1941
E-mail address
Web Site address
Key personnel Name
General Director Mr. Edward S. Yalamov
Deputy Gen. Director Mr. Veniamin S. Elinson
Type of business Optical-electronical devices for military and civil machines, including aircraft and helicopters surveying instruments, medical equipment, gyrostabilised platforms, consumer goods, toys
Ownership State Enterprise
Main Export Markets: Europe, North America, South Africa
Bankers: Yekaterinburg branch of Incombank,
Commercial Sverdlsozbank, Yekaterinburg, Russia

The Production Association "Urals Optical & Mechanical Plant" is one of the leading Russian enterprises, which specialises in carrying-out and manufacturing optical-mechanical and optical-electronic equipment for both military and civil applications.

The Company has a wide range of different technologies, that allow to correspond to modern production level.

The line of products manufactured by the PA "UOMZ" includes :
  • high precision surveying instruments
  • medical equipment
  • gyrostabilised optical-electronic systems
  • consumer goods
  • In the space of more than 50 years the Company has accumulated rich traditions in production of surveying instruments. At present PA "UOMZ" is the sole Russian enterprise manufacturing theodolites, levels, light range finders, total stations and various accessories to the whole range of surveying instruments.

    Recently one of the directions which PA "UOMZ" payed particular attention to is medical equipment production. The priority was given to the production of neonatal equipment. Nowadays the Company manufactures the whole range of such instruments including incubators for new-born babies, open neonatal tables, phototherapy lamps. Along with neonatal tectonic there is a development in endoscopy and cardiology equipment manufacture, production of equipment for ophthalmology rooms exists as well.

    Using technologies, worked out through defence orders, PA "UOMZ" elaborated and proceeded to serial output of gyrostabilised optical-electronic systems (GOES) intended for stabilisation of field of view of optical-electronic equipment, mounted on aircraft, helicopters, maritime vessels in rocking, shocking and vibration. This kind of tectonic is indispensable in oil and gas industry, rescue operations, frontier and police patrolling. These unique elaborations have been already awarded at the prestigious International Exhibitions (Le Bourget, "Farnborough", "Intergeo" etc.)

    PA "UOMZ" constantly increases the range of manufacturing products for civil purposes. Traditionally the great demand is for small optics items: sightings, telescopes, microscopes, magnifying glasses; toys for children and other consumer goods as well.

    Lately the Enterprise co-operates with leading companies in Europe and the USA for organisation of Joint Productions in the field of geodesy, medicine, consumer goods.

    The Production Association successfully exports its products to 35 countries world-wide, including countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

    For contacts and enquiries:

    Production Association "Urals Optical & Mechanical Plant"
    33 B Vostochnaya Street
    Yekaterinburg 620100
    Tel : +7 3432 24-18-03
    Fax : +7 3432 24-16-80.