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Tuapse Sea Trade Port

Tuapse Sea Trade Port was opened in 1898. At present the Port is the second largest by its capacity to handle cargoes on the Russian Black Sea coast.


Tuapse Sea Trade Port has 3 specialised terminals:

  • Terminal for handling dry cargoes with total length of berths - 761m and depth of berths - 7.1 to 13m.
  • Terminal for handling oil and petroleum cargoes with total length of berths - 1183m and depth of berths - 9.75 to 13m.
  • Passenger Terminal with total length of berths - 275m and depth of berths - 7.3 to 9.15m.
The Port's warehouse and storage facilities are:

  • Open storage area of 24600 sq. m.
  • Warehouse indoor area of 8027 sq. m.

In 1999 the Port handled 3,570,700 tons of dry cargoes and 10,650,800 tons of liquid cargoes in total and there is a tendency for continuous growth.

Tuapse Sea Trade Port offers full port facilities linked to handling of cargoes and servicing of the transport fleet.

Following the disintegration of the Soviet Union there remained only two deep sea water ports in the European part of Russia - Novorosiysk and Tuapse.

We are inviting potential investors to participate in the reconstruction of the Port who can become our business partners.

Please address your enquiries to:

2 Maxim Gorki Street
Krasnodar Region 352800
Phone: +7 86167 2 1915
Fax: +7 86167 2 1835