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Votkinsk Plant

Votkinsk Plant
State Production Association

63-1400 The centrifugal pumping units of -63-type are in-tended for the pumping of the fresh , recirculation seam and drainage water in the oil wells in order to maintain the pressure in the seam. The weight content of the mechanical impurities must not exceed of 0.1% and the size of the hard particles must not exceed of 0.1 mm .

The temperature range of the pumped medium is 1 - 40 C, the con-centration of hydrogenion ( p H ) is 4.9 , the medium density range is 1,000 - 1,500 kg/cub.m . The pump of - type is the centrifugal , horisontal , split , single - hull and multiple - stage unit with the one - sided arrangement of the working runners and the hydraulic pivot. The pumping unit is in accor-dance with the standards GOST 6134-87 ( group 1 on the reliability ) and GOST 15150-69 (the standard on the moderate and cold ( ) climatic conditions of service , class 4 on the allocation).

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