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Votkinsk Plant

Votkinsk Plant
State Production Association

Conversion & New Productions

At present due to the sharp decrease of the volume of defense orders, Votkinsk Plant has considerably increased its civil production output.

As a result new production plants were created - "Metalurg", "Machine-Building", "Nefteselmash" and "Tool Production"

The main directions of the conversion are: oil and gas machine-building, production of isothermal and refrigerator containers, refrigerator installations - stationary and mobile, metal-cutting machines and tools.

The largest share of the developing productions belongs to the oil and gas equipment. The Plant produces various oil field equipment:
  • pumps and pump units - sectional and centrifugal for injecting water
  • pumps - centrifugal, immersed, modular
  • wrenches - mechanical and automated with electric and hydraulic drives for underground repairs of oil and gas wells
  • pipe wrenches
  • elevators
  • swivels
  • packers
  • gates and wedge gate valves
  • thermocouple valves
  • pressure regulators
  • three-way gas cocks
  • air pressure regulators
  • spare parts for oil field equipment
Votkinsk Plant set up 4 joint ventures with companies from USA and Canada. These companies manufacture drill bits with diamonds, cleaning systems for drilling fluids, steam generators with cleaning systems, drilling pumps, mobile drilling complexes and other oil field equipment.

The share of the civil production of the Plant in 1996 was 38% of the total and that of the oil and gas equipment alone - 11.5%.
The overall increase of the production in 1996 was 112% compared to 1995.
The increase planned for 1997 is 120-121%.
The growth of the oil and gas production volume in 1996 was equal to 134% and the increase planned for 1997 is 137%.

Votkinsk Plant has Russian Licenses 36P-98/2957 from 19.01.95 and 36I-98/2958 from 19.01.95 allowing the Plant to design and manufacture oil and gas equipment. The production is tested at the test centre "PrikamTest" and is certified in accordance with standard requirements of the Russian Federation.

Production at Votkinsk Plant is also in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001-1994 - certificate 97-435 from 11.06.1997, issued by Quality Certification Bureau Inc. of Canada. For the production of gate valves, elevators and swivels the Plant has certificates API 6D-0278, API 8A-0051 and API 8C-0034. The API certificates are valid until 16.06.2000.

Votkinsk Plant works in co-operation with leading science and research institutes in Russia in the area of oil and gas equipment design approved by oil and gas companies.

The oil field equipment manufactured by the State Production Association "Votkinsk Plant" is used by a large number of oil and gas companies in Russia such as: "Lukoil", "Yukos", "Sidanko", "Surgutneftegas", "Rosneft", "Tatneft", "Bashneft", "Tyumen Oil and Gas Company", "Sibneft", East Oil and Gas Company" and others.

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