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Votkinsk Plant

Votkinsk Plant
State Production Association

Production Lines

Votkinsk Plant has a modern technological base which allows full production cycle in:

  • blank production (castings, forged stock, stamped blank (including explosive forming), rolled light section steel, compaction of special shapes from aluminum alloys.

  • processing of plastic and rubber, including thermoplastic materials using casting under pressure of up to 5 kg., parts with dimensions of up to 1.5m from thermosetting plastic and rubber using compaction on hydraulic presses from 5 tons to 630 tons.

  • assembly and welding production, including different types of welding and cutting of metals, also electron beam welding and cutting, welding in the geometrically closed chamber "Atmosphere-20" with controlled atmospheres, laser and plasma cutting, plasma jet hard facing of various powder materials.

  • mechanical and assembly workshops.

  • tool production plant.

  • specialized technological and testing laboratories.

  • test centre "PrikamTest", accredited by Russia State Standard (Goststandard).

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