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Marine Trading Port

Address 2 Proletarskaya Street, Skadovsk 326400, Ukraine
Tel. No. +380 5537 22074; +380 5537 22022
Fax No. +380 5537 24590
Year of foundation 1898
E-mail address
Key personnel Name
Director Mr. Boksha Ivan Ivanovich
Deputy Director Mr. Tkachenko Alekseiy Alexandrovich
Chief Engineer Mr.Mavridi Pavel Yurevich
Type of business International cargo shipment
Overloading of cargoes
Skadovsk - Zonguldak ferry transportation
Ownership: State Enterprise
No. of employees 400
Annual t/o 1.4 million USD
Export sales 65%
Main Markets: Turkey - 45%
The Mediterranean countries - 55%
Bankers: Agroindustrial Bank "Ukraine", Skadovsk Branch
Tel: +380 5537 22190
Fax: +380 5537 22106

Skadovsk Marine Trading Port was founded in 1898. It is situated on the north coast of the Dzarlgachsk Bay on the Black Sea.

The area of water near the Port has the shape of a ladle and is 2.5 hectares. The length of the approaching channel is 2 km with a max. depth of 5.2 m. The total wharf length is 850 m and the max. depth is 6 m..

Taking into consideration the present-day situation of the market and the transportation of export/import cargoes through the Black Sea ports of Ukraine, it was decided that Skadovsk Marine Trading Port should re-orient its traditional cargo handling and transportation.

The Port's main activity of extracting and sales of sand for construction was changed to passenger shipping and then to ferry transportation of heavy trucks (TIR) between Zonguldak in Turkey and Skadovsk in Ukraine.

A customs complex was built on passengers quay No. 2 which has a total length of 100 m. and part of wharf No. 1 having a total length of 300 m. was re-equipped for handling heavy trucks.

As a result of this re-orientation of transportation a special TIR car park was built in the city of Skadovsk.

At wharf No. 3, which handles grain export cargoes and which has a 20 t. elevator, there is a scope for expansion of the Ferry Complex and at he same time preserving its main function.

In 1995, at wharf No. 6 which has a total length of 120 m. was planned the construction of a terminal for handling unrefined oil (the investor is the Bulgarian company PAPAS-OIL).

Today we can offer our future partners to invest in the expansion of the Ferry Complex the total cost of which will be around 3 million USD.

The expansion project of the Ferry Complex will allow the opening of three new lines:

  • Batumi (Georgia) - Skadovsk
  • Thessaloniki (Greece) - Skadovsk
  • Samsun (Turkey) - Skadovsk

  • The favourable geographical position of Skadovsk Marine Trading Port allows a 12 hour delivery of cargoes to any point in Ukraine using TIR.

    In 12 hours TIR can cross the Ukrainian border with Russia, Belorussia, Poland and the Slovak Republic. The ferry vessel "Mercury" covers the distance Skadovsk - Zonguldak in 22 hours offering TIR drivers and passengers comfortable cabins and excellent cuisine at good prices:

    A return journey of vehicle and driver - 1200 USD
    A return journey of a passenger - 200 USD

    For contacts and enquiries:

    2 Proletarskaya Street
    Skadovsk 326400
    Tel: + 380 5537 22074; +380 5537 22022
    Fax: + 380 5537 24590