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Joint Stock Company
Address 8 Mendeleevskaya Street ,St. Petersburg, 194044, Russia
Tel. No. +7 (812) 245 0009
Fax No. +7 (812) 245 0633
E-mail address
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1991
Key personnel Name
General Director Mr. Ilya V. Barsky
Type of business Research, production and sales of microwave devices for vehicles and security.
Ownership Joint Stock Company
No. of employees 30
Bankers INN 780440165, ACC. No 665467809 in OPERU-5 OAO «PROM-STROY BANK»
Cor/ Ac 700161291 MFO 044130791 Code OKPO 31002820 Code OKONH 14771

Historic Overview

Microwave control systems from Saint-Petersburg
The year of 1991 in Russia was the period of the greatest slump in production. The giants of the military industry were stopped. The whole infrastructure of the industry started to collapse. Business initiative was turned to import products and trade only. That was the time when the Systems of Microwave Control (SIMICON) company was established. Five scientists and engineers of one of the military plants registered the new company, having in their ownership only technical ideas and desire to work.

The company survived and started to grow putting exclusively up-to-date goals and providing the following technical and marketing policy:
  • market demand orientation of product developing and production
  • minimum possible prime cost and minimum prices of the products
  • working within the well-known professional sphere
  • investing the greatest percentage of profit into the company development
  • These ideas allowed the dynamic growth of the company which production figures are doubled every year

    Not only the scope of production but also the variety and application of products is increasing - the only one model of one-frequency radar-detector has grown into the wide range of products in which the results of our own studies in the field of antennas technique (first of all phased array antenna) were used. The specific features of the Russian market made us search for original solutions. Therefore combined devices were developed which can fulfil different function, of a radar-detector and tachometer, for example

    Products research and development is not a simple problem for such a small company, as SIMICON, especially, if to speak about the organisation of own manufacture on the self-owned areas, at own expense, without any support from outside. The problem is solved by intensive development. So, practically doubling the annual volume of its manufacture, SIMICON increases the amount of its (manufacturing) working places only on 10 % per year, while the investments in development of scientific sphere are more than a half of company’s annual profit. Originally SIMICON occupied only about 100 square meters of the area. Nowadays the firm has appreciably extended; not only its office, but also the industrial areas have air conditioning and modern equipment. Doubtless recognition of a technological level achieved in a short time was the successful providing of the State Tests of the newest device - road radar-gun "ISKRA-1" and reception of the State certificate on its manufacturing. The serial radars deliveries, developed and produced in SIMICON, have been started since November 1997. Russian road - patrol service (GAI) prefers this convenient and compact device to the products of the large state enterprises, which were leaders in the Russian market during tens of years.

    During the last five years not only SIMICON, but the whole country changed. The solvent demand has increased considerably. Law basis of enterprise has appeared, which formalised the relationship with official bodies. The companies, that had not been enough flexible to the changes, started loosing of dynamics. As for us, we are proud of having established an active network of dealers in Russia and abroad in the difficult economic situation.

    We optimistically look in the future and have proved the ability to make a road independently by ourselves. Thus we aspire to all-round integration. It is required for the further development of SIMICON company: high-quality modern materials for microwave aerials, electronic components (in particular microprocessors and SHF - elements), contacts to the manufacturers of plastic products and moulding press - forms for plastic. Certainly, SIMICON is interested in a wide spreading of the products both in Russia and abroad. The joint work with the partners brings not only profit to us, but also the pleasure from the successful joint projects. We are looking forward to new contacts in professional sphere. Please, get in touch with us on e-mail: or, by fax + 7 (812) 2450633 or tel + 7 (812) 2450009.


    Refusal from stereotypes for the benefit of Pragmatics
    Why production, manufactured by SIMICON, even externally is not alike to the similar sorts of devices of other manufacturers? The internal or external differences were never for SIMICON the only purpose, as there were no attempts to copy anybody. Both these ways are extremes. But it is a real success, when original design is created from a fresh technical idea.

    Did this idea come to anybody’s head: to apply to the radar - detector a flat phased lattice instead of traditional all over the world megaphone antenna? And in SIMICON it has been made. Certainly, it was required an unusual form of the devise case. The new radar - detector was placed on unusual place in the car salon. By the way, eight experts from ten consider it more convenient.

    But in a number of cases the classical configuration is capable to ensure a new level of product properties, as an example another SIMICON product radar-gun "ISKRA - 1".

    In this section it is possible to observe the detailed description of some other our products.

    It is interesting for you? Ask us, and we will tell you more! Please, get in touch with us on e-mail: or, by fax + 7 (812) 2450633 or tel + 7 (812) 2450009.

    Police Radar-Gun " ISKRA-1

    This radar has been at once admired by the road - patrol service inspectors of Russia due to the convenience and simplicity in use. It more like a "pistol", than a "Gun", which weighs only 0,9kg. «ISKRA - 1» radar has deserved the positive estimation on numerous comparative tests, provided by bodies of Russian Internal Affairs. By results of these tests «ISKRA -1» radar has been included in the State Register of Measurement Means of Russia. The serial deliveries of radars, developed and produced by SIMICON, are started from November 1997. Russian road - patrol service (GAI) prefers this convenient and compact device to the products of the large state enterprises, which were leaders in the Russian market during tens of years.

    Technical parameters of «ISKRA -1» radar - gun:
  • range of action, not less, m........ .300
  • a range of measuring speeds, km / hour... 30 - 180
  • work frequency, GHz.......... .24,15 n 0,1
  • an error of speed measurement, km / hour..... n2
  • time of speed measurement, not more, s........ 1
  • information storage time at excess of a speed threshold fixing, not less, min.... 9
  • number of the purposes, information about which can be simultaneously stored in memory.............. 2
  • voltage of a feeding, V.......... 11 - 16
  • average consumed capacity, not more, Wt... 8
  • weight, not more, kg................ .0,9
  • overall dimensions, not more, mm..... 290x170x70
  • average time between failures, not less, h.... .5000
  • average service life (up to written of) after putting into operation, not less, years....... .5
  • warranty period of work, months....... 18
  • «ISKRA -1» radar-guns are delivered in a convenient plastic case. Each device is supplied with all necessary accessory, including arm for fastening on the side-view glass of the patrol car, though it is not usually used by the inspector of the road service: the device is so easy and convenient, that it is not heavy to be held in hands. Thus it is possible to use it both in a constant and pulsing mode of radar work. If you have read up to this place, it means that you are interested in the price of «ISKRA -1» radar -gun. Contact us, and, we think, we can surprise you. e-mail: or, by fax + 7 (812) 2450633 or tel + 7 (812) 2450009.

    The radar has the Russian Certificate of quality. SIMICON JSC provides 1.5 year warranty, metrologic maintenance and post-warranty service. SIMICON JSC has developed, produces and delivers original testing stands for certification and testing of «ISKRA -1» radar-guns. All this allows to use our radar -guns successfully and operative to solve arising questions on their testing, operation and service. Radar - detectors.

    "Compact" series.

    The radar - detectors of this series differ from all other by minimum weight and sizes. The original configuration of the device allows to place it on entire - salon back-view mirror from the external side. Thus the salon interior is not changed and the best conditions for reception of signals of a radar because of the exact orientation of the lattice aerial are provided. The radar - detector does not block the driver’s view at all. You see only a narrow (about 8 mm) stripe of the alarm panel from under a regular mirror, but it is always in the field of your sight.

    The overall dimensions of the device do not exceed 85x60x22mm, weight - totally 60 gr.

    The applied technical decisions provide full VG2-undetectable. There are radar detectors modifications, intended for work in X and K - ranges. All of them have two modes of operations: "High Way" and "City", duplicated ( by light and sound) indication. But now all these are usual properties. Completely unusual is the cost of these devices. How much is it? Contact us and find it out. e-mail: or, by fax + 7 (812) 2450633 or tel + 7 (812) 2450009.

    "Adviser" series

    Multifunctional devices. The case is easily installed on springed arms on the regular entire - salon mirror. The built - in panoramic mirror has special antiblinking covering, ensuring the best visibility in the conditions of rain and in twilights. On the edge of the device through the mirror reflector the large digital display is well seen, on which "Adviser" displays the data in one of the following modes:
  • tachometer
  • the voltmeter
  • parameters of ignition system ( closed condition corner of contacts serially for each of 4 engine cylinders)
  • the clock
  • In case of «Adviser» road radar signal occurrence automatically switches in a mode of the radar - detector. Thus as approaching a post of speed control and signal capacity increasing the numerical indications on the display are changing.

    Besides this "Adviser" automatically signals by a sound signal about infringements in a board net and engine modes. The model row has updating, containing clock, ignition system analyser. All information is submitted in the convenient form on one digital panel, the management of which is easily maintained by only three buttons.

    Advisers are intended on easy self-installation, not requiring special qualification. Operatively supervising the basic car systems, adviser by a sound signal will warn of infringement of a high-speed mode or «overturning» of the engine. Earlier than it will become harmful, the device will notice an overload of a board electric net or pollution of switching relay contacts. In case of repair or scheduled adjustments the adviser will also provide the invaluable help. It is important, that it is easy to master: the specially produced logic of management allows only by three buttons to set up any modes, including adjustment of brightness of the indicator or alarm sound signals.

    An adviser has the built - in plug, ensuring operative connection of three operative contacts The form of the plug simply defines location of the plug in respect to its answering-back part. For connection it is necessary only to connect three wires: feeding, grounding and interrupter contact.

    Device functions.
    Measurement of board voltage (U);
    Measurement of engine revolutions number (N);
    Control of ignition system (UZSK,ONZK);
    Warning of the speed radar control on a road (duplicated indication with the displaying of a radar signal level);
    Opportunity of the sound signal system in the following cases:

    At malfunction of the board electric system;
    At excess of a given threshold of engine rotation speed;
    At unfavourable engine operation mode;
    At infringements in ignition system;
    At the radar - detector operation

    If you want to find out more about our "Adviser", contact us! Please, address on e-mail: or, by fax + 7 (812) 2450633 or tel + 7 (812) 2450009.


    Many thanks, that you have found time to get acquainted with us. We hope, that "SIMICON" has left favourable impression. In any case, we shall be grateful for any responses about this information. Send now your e-mail to our address and we will take into account your opinion or we will contact to you as soon as possible.

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