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Samara Steel-Founding Plant
Joint Stock Company

Address 7 Maltseva Pr., Samara, Samara Region - 443022 Russia
Tel. No. +7 8462 518776
Fax No. +7 8462 518823
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1958
Key personnel Name
Chairman: Maslov G. G.
Director General: Grishin V. M.
Type of business Manufacturing of shaped steel castings and cast iron
Joint Stock Company
No. of employees
Annual t/o 2,750,000 USD
Export sales 25%
Main Export Markets: CIS
Sberbank - Samara

Samara Steel-Founding Plant manufactures cast components and parts for:
  • The aviation enginebuilding industry

  • Industrial pumps with a variety of applications

  • Crushing and grinding equipment made of wear-resistant steel 11013

  • Grates for cooling cement kilns

  • Heat -resistant steel fittings

  • Cast press and forge instrument

  • Bolt castings for oil pipelines and drilling for oil equipment

  • For the production of casts are used:

  • non-alloy steel ranging from 20 to 50 Russian Standard 977-88

  • Low alloy steel of the same Russian Standard, e.g. 30; 35; 20; 122; 35

  • High-alloy steel including 12189; 1218123; 232833; 131422

  • Nickel alloys 437; ; 9; 147553

  • Grey cast iron with graphite plates

  • White wear-resistant cast iron 23

  • Aluminium cast alloys

  • The Plant accepts orders for castings from other steel alloys by customers’ request. The production of casting can be done in precise cast from smelting models; in ceramic forms from constant models; cast under pressure in sand and clay forms. For the smelting of metal the Plant has electric ark furnaces for up to 5 tons, induction furnaces for up to 1.2 tons and vacuum furnaces for up to 100 kg. The plant has equipment for thermal processing of castings at temperatures from -70 to 1200 C