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Research Institute of Aeroelastic

Address 85 Garnaeva Street, Feodosia 334812,
Crimea, Ukraine
Tel. No. + 380 6562 4 2646; + 380 6562 4 2655
Fax No. + 380 6562 4 2655
Year of foundation 1961
E-mail address
Key personnel Name
General Director Nikolaev Pavel Mikhailovich
Type of business Research and creation of:
  • guided and unguided parachute systems for skydiving from aircraft of various weight
  • shock absorbing systems for landing of objects
  • shell/hull constructions from textile materials
  • manufacturing of hang gliders, motor hang gliders and heat aerostats
  • recovery parachutes for hang glider pilots
  • drifting anchors for boats and yachts, with capacity from 2 to 15 cubic meters from textile materials
  • general goods
  • Ownership: State Enterprise
    No. of employees 500
    Annual t/o 3,500,000 USD
    Main Markets: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan
    Bankers: United Commercial Bank, Feodosia

    The Institute offers services connected to the use of its testing facilities and equipment for conducting ground tests, training for use of manufactured products, warranty and post warranty services, commercial use of the Institute's heat aerostats, carrying out movie, video and photo work, manufacturing and reproduction of printing materials.