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8, Paradnaya Street, St. Petersburg, 191014 Russia
Tel. No. +7 812 274 1898
Fax No. +7 812 274 1898
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Year of foundation
Key personnel Name
Leonid Grigorievich Cherniy
Managing Director Yuriy Vasilievich Malyutin
Type of business

Creation of new materials with unique characteristics and development of perspective technologies.

Technology and range of equipment for electrochemical treatment of surfaces (internal and external),finish grinding grinding of billets.

Technology and equipment for high-velocity and high-resistant electrolytic chrome coating and for resistant chrome-diamond coating.

Alloys resisting temperatures of up to 2000 C.

Napped gas and thermal resistant materials for working conditions of up to 2000 C.

Carbide materials with standard porosity for catalyst carriers and high-capacity capacitors.

Open Joint-Stock Company
Ultimate parent Co.
Central Science and Research Institute of Materials
No. of emploees 50
Annual t/o 500,000 USD
"Petrovskiy" JS Commercial Bank, "Preobrazhenskiy"

RESOURSE performs delivery, assembling and setting in motion the following equipment:

1. Unit for anode-mechanical polishing (AMP) of metallic details.

1.1.Unit AMP provides:
  • high reflecting possibility of the surface
  • roughness of the surface Ra< 0.012 mu
  • absence of remains of abrasive particles on the surface of the worked details

  • 1.2. AMP is the best for production of sheening - sheets, reflectors, barrels, drawing blocks manufactured red from metals having high velocity, details for working in high vacuum.

    2. Unit for speed-chrome-plating (SOP) of the inner surface of tubes.

    2.1 Unit SOP provides:
  • the speed of the chrome-setting up to 3 mu/min
  • uniformity of the deposit along the tube < 8%
  • hardness of the chrome-up to 1200 kg/mm2
  • polishing of small parts in bulk

  • 2.2. Characteristics of the unit SOP:
  • it is designed for working up magnetic and nonmagnetic details with weight of 0.01-3 9
  • single toad - up to 0.4 kg
  • productivity - up to 2 kg/h

  • 3. Equipment for electro-chemical formation of the inside profiled surface of the bodies of revolution.

    This equipment provides:
  • working up materials of any class of strength
  • absence of mechanical distortions and defected lays on the surface after working
  • production rate of mechanical working

  • 4. Unit for electro-chemical honing of the inside and outside surface of the bodies of revolution.

    5. Hydraulichoists for hidrauliobuilding with basic parameters:
  • full motion of the rod-up to 16000 mm
  • diameter of the piston-up to 1000 mm
  • diameter of the rod-up to 320 mm
  • working pressure in hydro-cylinder-up to 12.5 MN

  • Surface of rod and inner surface of hydro-cylinder are chrome-plated.

    6. Pressional chrom-plated hollows for bar-shellpumps with inner diameters 28, 32, 44, 67 mm and length up to 7600 mm according to the standard AP-1. This unit is applicable for pumping rock oil from sandy fields having hydrogen sulphide arid mineralized water.

    7. Metallic optical mirrors for laser tech technology with roughness of surface Ra<0.01 2 mu and precise geometry of reflecting surface. The program of the output of the articles and terms of delivery de-pends on the kind of the production.

    RESOURSE invites the firms interested in our facilities to take part in our work as investors for enlarging manufacturing and realization of the production.