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Puldin Champignon

Targovski kompleks "Nordix"
223 "6 Septemvri" Street
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 32 650 014 Fax: +359 32 650 014
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"Puldin Champignon" presents an entirety new and unique series of delicacy mushroom sauces, their own recipe, developed with the help of leading specialists in health nutrition.

The products are ecological with natural components and finely combined natural spices. No preservatives and artificial flavours are added. The products in this series would well satisfy various culinary tastes. The sauces: "Puldin Champignon" "Puldin Champignon +" "Hunter's sauce" "Mushrooms a la Grecque" "Bechamel sauce with mushrooms" can be used as a garnish for pizzas, spaghetti, roast meat and consumed as individual dishes as well. They would be delightful to gourmets who enjoy savoury and spicy food.

The series "Delicacy mushroom sauces" was awarded a gold medal and diploma at the International Plovdiv Fair - spring '97 "Puldin Champignon" is presently developing a program for anti-stress foods produced from vegetables and mushrooms.

The series contains the following products: "Mangio" "Puldin Champignon ketchup" "Lecho with mushrooms" "Ravioli in delicacy mushroom sauce"