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OJSC Promtextile Logo

Address 5 Textilshikov Street, Voronezh 394026, Russia
Tel. No. +7 0732 161 214
Fax No. +7 0732 161 022
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1949
Key personnel Name
Chairman Alexei Isaevich Bolotin
Managing Director Leonid Petrovich Gdalevich
Ownership status Open Joint Stock Company
Type of business Manufacture of cotton fabrics

Barter production:

Linoleum on a fabric or warm basis.
Abbrasive materials in assortment.
Rubber - technical goods.

Processed raw material:

cotton fibre ( type 4 - 5, grade 1 - 3 ), technical cotton wool, lint, chemical threads and fibres.
No. of employees 853
Annual t/o 7 000 000 USD
Main markets Russia
Kazakhstan - Karaganda
Belorussia - Gomel
Export sales 5.2%
Bankers Voronezh Savings Bank

The Products of OJSC "Promtextile"’ are used in all industries and factories for manufacturing of rubber - technical products and abrasive materials. These products are used also in the furniture, shoe and sewing industries, factories for producing imitation leathers, enterprises for building materials release.

Crude cotton FABRICS for technical purposes of width from 107 up to 168 cm. ( OT - 1, BV, hose fabrics, chefer, domestic, KNK. ‘’ C ‘’, twill, diagonal, tick - twil, etc. Superficial density from 200 up to 500 g / sq. m. Applied in the chemical, petrochemical, air, machine - building, building industries and other branches of manufacturing. These are also used for the producing of wedge and ventilation belts; sucking, dustcatching and fire hoses; rubber technical products etc. ; furniture and shoe enterprises, abrasive factories, for the producing of imitation leathers etc.
Crude cotton FABRICS and mixed filter FABRICS for technical purposes of width from 100 up to 165 cm. ( belting, filter mitkal, filter diagonal etc ) Superficial density from 400 up to 900 g/sq. m. They are applied in the chemical, petrochemical, coal, food and medical industries. Also in black coal, food and medical industries. Also in black and colour metallurgy, manufacturing of conveyor tapes, in the filtration and other applications
Crude polyester facilitated FABRICS ( for awnings ) of width up to 220 cm. Superficial density 200 g / sq. m. Applied as a basis in the producing of synthetic awning material for soft bodies of lorries and other technical purposes.
Crude cotton FABRICS of width up to 160 cm. ( group of unbleached ). Superficial density from 130 up to 180 g / sq. m. Applied in the manufacturing of products of household assignment. Used also in the pharmaceutical industry as a basis for plaster.
NON - WOVEN COTTON FABRICS ( broached yarn, broached fabrics of width up to 220 cm.) Superficial density from 175 up to 210 g / sq. m. Applied as a basis for linoleum, textolite, for wiping and for other perposes.
Cotton sheet wadding of width of 150 cm. Superficial density 280 g / sq. m. Applied in the sewing and furniture industries.
Knitted cotton gloves ( size 8 - 10 ). - For hands protection.
Working gauntlets. - For hands protection.
Crude cotton and mixed YARN ( one - thread and woven ) of pneumomechanical way of spinning. 50 tex ( No. 20 / 1 ); 29 tex ( 34, 5 / 1); 25 tex ( No. 40 / 1 ); 50 tex No. 20 / 2 ); 25 tex ( No. 40 / 2 ); 83 tex x 3 N 12 / 3 30 - 50 % lavsane, 83 tex x 5 N 12 / 5, 83 tex x 6 N 12 / 6. - Applied in the weaving and knitted industries.

For nearly 50 years our enterprise has sold its production on the Russian Market.

In 1937 in the area of the Voronezh tyre factory started the building of a cord factory, which was interrupted by the war.

In 1949 the first products were manufacture - cord, velotred, chefer.

In 1991 the Voronezh Factory of Technical Fabrics was transformed into OJSC "Promtextile". Now we produce more than 30 articles , mainly fabrics of technical assignments made from ecologically pure raw materials.

OJSC "Promtextile" works mainly with orders. Amongst them are also special, on barter and advance payment orders. In each particular case the approach is individual.

We have our own shops, railway and access road available.

Our managing staff studies all market needs in details. We expand and update our assortments of production. We are ready to consider every new offer we get and carry out the particular orders.

Our friendly and professionally trained team is headed by Leonid Petrovich Gdalevich who is the general director of "Promtextile". He was born in 1944 and graduated Textile and Light Industry at the Voronezh University and the All - Union Correspondence Institute. Mr. Gdalevich has worked as a manager of a microelectronics laboratory at the Physics Research Institute at the Voronezh University. He also worked as a chief of a large integrated circuits site at the research and production association ‘’Electronics’’. He trained at textile enterprises in Germany and France organized by the TASIS Programme. Mr. Gdalevich is a contact person, known in many regions of Russia as a skillfull, market oriented and responsible businessman. His business partners trust him and rely on his word.

At the moment one of our main tasks is the re-equipment of OJSC "Promtextile". The new modern bleaching equipment will allow us to reach the best possible quality of our products. We believe that the investment in re-equipment is necessary and will strengthen our presence on the world textile market.

Our main investment projects are:

1. Organisation of joint venture on highly effective filter cloths manufacture, which are used in the chemical, metallurgical, petroleum, gas and other industries.

Demanded volume of investment: 5 500 000 US $

Directions of use:

Purchase of the necessary equipment, construction bulding and manufacture preparation.

Offseted term: 18 months.

Investment return term: 5 years.

2. Development of best quality fabrics of a new type, used for mass consumption ( e. g. production of wide fabrics for shirt producing ).

Demanded volume of the investment: 4 300 000 US $.

Offseted term - 2,7 years.

Investments return term: 5 years.

OJSC ‘’Promtextile’’ is well provided with resourses: staff, water supply, transport, land area, materials, electricity supply, communications. We have our own heat supply, industrial, areas and components.

Possible participation of the investor is to purchase OJSC ‘’Promtextile’’ shares.

Investments return maintenance: pledge of activities, insurance, transfer of rights, regional guaranties, bank guarantees etc.