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Str.Tudor Arghezi, Nr.21, Sect.2;cod 70132, Bucuresti, ROMANIA
Tel: (40 -1) 211-5510; (40-1) 211-454; (40-1) 211-3246; Fax (40-1) 210-1801

As national Institute in its own specific field of activity, during the 47 years of existence, PROED SA ensured through its qualified specialists the execution documentation for most of the main municipalities, towns and main economic units in Romania, as well as for foreign customers. In respect of this quality, PROED SA has drawn up and it benefits by an important documentation bank required both by some particular buildings and plants and equipment belonging to. These issues have been already aknowledged and put into practice now.

Considering its potential and wide experience, PROED SA avails itself the waranty and disposal to promptly and uprightnessly meet any demand concerning its field of activity, providing for a high quality and efficient documentation and expertise.

Main guidelines of the society fields of activity:
Drinking water supply for urban and rural settlements;
  • Drinking and industrial water supply for industrial and agricultural consumption;
  • Surface water intake, river training and other hydro-technical development works;
  • Ground water tapping;
  • Drinking and industrial water treatment plants;
  • Special treatment plants namely: iron, sulphur and manganese removal;
  • Buildings and plants for emergency water storage-compensator, damage, fires etc;
  • Sewerage systems for urban settlements using mechanical, biological and chemical processes;
  • Issue surveys and data processing for water network and sewerage systems for urban and rural communities, as well as consumption savings;
  • Electric public traffic systems for both passengers and goods; public traffic surveys, street network;
  • Domestic and industrial waste collecting and their turning into good account;
  • Works of environmental protection;
  • Engineering works and production centers belonging to the specific local industry.
Some of main designs carried out in the country:
Drinking water supply, sewerage systems and water treatment plants, public transportation by tramways and troleybus, incineration plants in the main towns over the country.

Some of the targets carried out abroad:
Substructure works - water supply and sewerage networks in Nigeria;
  • Water supply system SAAD-24 Plant in IRAQ;
  • Water supply and sewerage for rolling stock repair plant;
  • Water supply surveys Peru;
  • Drinking water treatment plant Afghanistan;
  • Waste water treatment station for the sulphuric acid preparation plant in Egypt;
  • Domestic waste water treatment station for cement mill Iraq;
  • Water storage tanks and networks in United Arab Emirates;
  • Technical consulting and appraisment service Iran;
  • Hydrologic and land surveys in Mozambique;
  • Electric public traffic systems with trolleybus in Columbia.
Services provided by PROED S.A. :
  • Consultancy-alone or in collaboration for the above mentioned activities, in Romania and abroad.
  • Designing - alone or in collaboration for projects in Romania and abroad.
  • Consultancy for official institutions in the developing countries, in the PROED S.A. -activity domains.
  • Specialists which can work temporarily abroad in designing, execution or execution supervision.