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Joint Stock Company

Address Kralevski Pat, 2308 Pernik, Bulgaria
Tel. No. +359 2 981 9558, +359 2 980 54 27
+359 76 7 90 10
Fax No. +359 2 981 9558, +359 2 980 54 27
+359 76 7 90 10
E-mail address
Managing Director Mr. Dimitar Rangelov
Sales Manager Ms. Iliana Lazarova
Type of business Production of permanent magnets

The company Pramet - Pernik is a producer of permanent magnets and is a part of the holding company Kovohute Bridlichna.

The company has grained after more than 30 years of its existance excellent technology in compliance with the development of permanent magnets.

The experienced staff guaranty a high quality of products and aims at the customer's needs.

Technical information

We use the following materials:
Stroncium Ferrite Materials - higher coercitivity than barrium materials
  • Isotropic dry pressed without magnetic field possibility of multipole magnetizing
  • Anisotropic wet pressed with water suspension under magnetic field

  • Ferrite materials filled with plastic
  • Extruded isotropic strip profiles

  • AlNiCo materials
  • Manufactured by casting of various shapes They are characterised by high magnetic induction and exellent thermal stability.

    NeFeB - magnets
  • Anisotropic metal magnets produced by the way of powder metallurgy and reaching high magnetic parameters

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