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Phosphorit Logo

Address Kingisepp 188452, Leningrad Region, Russia
Tel. No. +7 81275 23832
Fax No. +7 81275 28727
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1963; JSC - 1993
Key personnel Name
Nikolay S. Baulin
Director General:
Anatoly V. Dryomov
Executivel Director:
Viktor I. Reshetnyak
Type of business Production of mineral fertilisers, sulphuric acid of reactive grades and super-pure sulphuric acid, fire extinguishing powder "Pirant-A"
Ownership Joint Stock Company of Open Type
No. of employees 4400
Annual t/o
74,000,000 USD
Export sales%
Promstroybank - St. Petersburg, Russia

Joint Stock Company "PHOSPHORIT" is the largest manufacturer of mineral fertilisers widely known in Russia.

The uniqueness of the company is determined by:

  • Kingisepp deposit of rock phosphates
  • geographical situation near the sea ports
  • availability of the developed capacities for quarrying, ore-dressing and processing of phosphate raw materials

  • Not long ago ammophos was the main product manufactured by the Company. Its quality is highly appreciated by the customers. At present the technology of several kinds of ecologically pure mineral fertilisers based on the Company’s rock phosphate has been developed: ecophoska, superphoska, sulphoammophosphate and superphosphate, which contains no chlorine.

    The flexible equipment and processing systems make it possible to produce 5 - 6 out of ten main kinds of mineral fertilisers with fixed ratio of NPK.

    JSC "Phosphorit" is the sole company in Russia that has developed multitonnage production of defluorinated phosphate - food addition , containing phosphorus in easily assimilated citric-soluble form. Market demand for this product steadily exceeds supply.

    The Company has long experience in producing chemically pure products - sulphuric acid of different grades: from reactive to super pure sulphuric acid, which is used in electronic industry.

    The ore of the Kingisepp deposit is a diversified mine-chemical raw material from which phosphate rock concentrate as well as pure quartz sand are produced. Part of the quartz sand is processed into ground quarts sand, used in the production of chemical household goods. The technology for processing of the remaining part into glass and moulding sands, as well as quarts-containing raw material for production of fibre glass and glass reinforced plastics has been developed. The realisation of such projects are not only of commercial but also of great ecological importance for all the regions adjoining the Baltic Sea.

    All companies concerned are invited to mutually beneficial co-operation.