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Pharmacon JSC Logo
Address 18,Tsvetochnaya Str.,St.Petersburg, 196084, Russia
Tel. No. +7 812 298 3855
Fax No. +7 812 298 6179
Year of foundation 1907
Key personnel Name
Chairman Bubnov Michail Genadievich
Managing director Vysotskij Leonid Nikolaevich
Type of business Production synthetic medicaments, vitamins and finished medicaments as well as some other medical and consummer goods.
Ownership Joint Stock Company - Open type
Ultimate parent Co. St. Petersburg Managing Comitee on Property of the City
No. of employees 1077
Annual t/o
50.03 bil. roubles
Export sales%
year 1994 - 2.46%
year 1995 - 0.92%
Main Export Markets: natry ascorbinat (Finland, Germany, Canada), dinitrobenzoat ergokaltsiferol (Holland), geksamedin and dibazol (Germany)
Main Markets: Russia, CIS countries, Baltic States
Bankers "Promstroybank" Plc.(St. Petersburg), "Vitabank" JS Comm. Bank

"PHARMACON"; is one of the oldest Russian pharmaceuticals enterprises. "PHARMACON" was founded on 9 May, 1907 with participation of German capital.

On December 27, 1992 Open Joint Stock Company "PHARMACON" was established as a result of reorganising "PHARMACON" plant, a sudivision of the State Industial Asociation"Oktyabr" - in accordance with the resolution of the Saint Petersburg Property Managing Commitee. Privatisation was carried out according to the second type of preferential terms.

The company specialises in:
  • scientific and research work
  • production of equipment and instruments
  • expertise in industrial and household water supply

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