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Perm Wood ProducersJSC
Perm Financial and Industrial Group
Address: 4-a Ordzonikidze Street, Perm, 614600, Russia,
Tel. No. +7 3422 313201, 327353
Fax No.
+7 3422 344506, 313406
Telex: 134194 FLOKS
E-mail addresses
Year of foundation: 1993
Key personnel Name
Director General: Edward Ivanovich Cherkashin
Financial Director: Aleksander Ivanovich Vasilev
Commercial Director: Viktor Alexandrovich Goltzer
Type of business:
Printing paper - Type A, Russian Standard 6445-74, 45g - 49g.

Offset paper No 1, 65g.-70g/sq.m, whiteness - 78-82%.

Non-white wrapping paper for foodstuffs.

Sawn pine timber, Russian Standard 9302-83, 26002-83, 8486-86.

Sleepers for wide rail tracks.
Hard plywood, Russian standard 4598, 2745mm/1700mm/3.2mm.

Floor boards, height - 27mm, width - 94mm, 130mm, 145mm, length - 4m to 6m.

Trimming boards, heigth - 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, length - 2m to 5m.

No. of employees:
60, with subsidiaries - 10,000
Annual t/o:
50 mln. USD
Export sales%
50,000 cub/m sawn timber, 45,000 tons of paper
Main Export Markets:
Finland, Germany, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, Iran, Cyprus, Egypt - 80% Russia - 20%
Bank of New York, Sberbank in Russia

Holding company "Perm Wood Producers" was founded in 1993 in order to maintain the cycle of logging and raw material processing in the region of Perm. It comprises of 30 logging, wood processing and paperpulp enterprises.

Forestry formed in the Perm region has a significant social and economic potential and is able to provide the region and Russia with various lumber products.

All logging enterprises part of JSC "Perm Wood Producers" got into forestry lease for 50 years. The forestry includes 1,500,000 ha with exploatation reserves of wood of 75 mln. cubic metres with an annual wood production of 5mln. cubic metres.

In 1996 there were produced and carried out 1,200,000 cubic metres of wood, 34,000 tons of paper, 137,000 cubic metres of timber including 40,000 cubic metres for exportation, more than 300,000 pieces of sleepers and other wood products.

The main activities of the Holding Company are:

  • Co-ordination of the enterprises’ activities for optimal and rational use of the financial and production potential
  • Distribution and funding of the state orders
  • Following a uniform policy of technical and investment activities to facilitate the development of the enterprises
  • innovation activities
  • Consumer goods production and realisation
  • Foreign activities: export-import, currency, crediting and financial operations, including searching for foreign investments

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