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Address 16, Kommunarov Str., St. Petersburg Region, Pavlovsk, 189623 Russia
Tel. No. +7 812 4706244
Fax No. +7 812 4706166
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1945
Key personnel Name
Director General Mr. Anatoliy Nikolaevich Batalin
Type of business Production of hearing aid devices; Assembling
of electronic equipment; Notebooks; Cardboard files, etc.
Ultimate parent Co.
Russian Association of Deaf People
No. of employees
Annual t/o (USD)
200 000
"Promstroybank" JSC, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Production Plant "Pavel" is owned by the All-Russian Association of Deaf People.

The main task of the Plant is the rehabilitation of disabled people with impaired hearing by means of their participation in production activities which improve their well-being and socio-economic situation.

The Plant is situated near St. Petersburg in the town of Pavlovsk which is also near to another historic city - Pushkin. The city is famous for its palaces which the Russian kings built as their summer residence.

The Plant has a 3-story building comprising an administrative and production block of 3712sq. m., warehouse and workshops. The whole area of the site is 4088 sq. m. and has been rented for 40 years.

70% of the total number of workers in the Plant are disabled people. The Plant is involved in printing activities and in assembling of electronic modules and hearing devices for people with hearing problems. The printing equipment is from the 50-s and needs to be replaced.

The Plant is economically self-dependent and is not directly financed by the State. The Company gets tax-relief in accordance with the Russian legislation.

The company is ready to consider any mutually beneficial forms of co-operation which would enable it to modernise the printing equipment and utilise the existing production area, including the launch of new productions.

Production Plant "Pavel" with gratitude accepts charitable help for maintaining and developing the production and support for disabled people working in the company.