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Test Laboratory

NORMA is the laboratory offering the following services:

  • full cycle of the certification of productions (testing, preparation of documentation, issuing of certificates of the State Committee of Standardisation and the State Committee of Telecommunications.

  • free consultations in Russian and English regarding certification of productions in Russia (timeframe and the costs requirements of Russian standards, etc.)

The laboratory is accredited in two Russian Systems of Certification.

  • State Committee of Telecommunications
  • State Committee of Standardisation

NORMA is authorised to conduct certification on the following technical equipment:
  • all types of telecommunication equipment
  • all types of electronic equipment, including computers
  • all types of electrical equipment

The laboratory has qualified personnel and is well technically equipped with measuring instruments, open testing site and monitoring screens complying with the international requirements. On the request of the client the certification can be done at the client base.

For Contacts and inquiries:

27 Galernaya Street
St. Petersburg 190000
Tel: +7 812 265 3430
Fax: +7 812 265 3430