The Guide to Business Partners in Eastern Europe  

"Biologically Active Substances Research
Design and Technology Institute"

Address P/o Box 112, 633190 Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region, Russia
Tel. No. +7 (38341) 51960
Fax No. +7 (38341) 52821
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1971
Key personnel Name
Managing Dir.
Valentina Ivanovna Masicheva
Type of business Antiviral immunostimulating and antitumor agents for medicine and veterinary practice, diagnostic test-systems, preparation of research works (recombinant cytokines and their mutants, recombinant bacilli, high purified enzymes, nucleic acids, NTP, dNTP, NDP, polynucleotides, polyribonucleotide complexes). The development of laboratory and experimental-and-industrial microbiological synthesis technologies. Preclinical studies and development of pharmacopeial clauses, production protocols and technical specifications.
State property
Ultimate parent Co.
Virology and Biotechnology State Research Centre "Vector"
No. of employees
Annual t/o
640,000 USD
Joint-Stock Commercial Siberian Bank