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Open Stock Company
"Nevsky Zavod "Electroschit"
Address 1-A Zavodskaya Street, Otradnoe 188694, Leningrad Region , Russia
Tel. No. +7 81262 4 39 33; + 7 81262 4 06 39
Fax No. +7 81262 4 06 39; +7 81262 4 16 84
Year of foundation 1953
E-mail address
Key personnel Name
Managing Director Mr. Zakurdaev Valentin Ivanovich
Type of business Producer of low-voltage equipment, high-voltage equipment, transformer substations, electric and wiring accessories.
Ownership Open Stock Company
No. of employees 600
Annual t/o 5,000,000 USD
Export sales 40%
Main export markets % China - 40%; Morocco - 5%; Finland, Argentina, Iran - 7%; CIS
Bankers Promstroybank

Open Stock Company "Nevsky Zavod "Electroschit" is a manufacturer of electrotechnical equipment for thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants.

The Plant produces more than 100 different products:

Low-voltage equipment
  • power distribution cabinets, relay and signaling system cabinets
  • low-voltage power distribution panels (Russian Standard ÙÎ 70)
  • motor-drive control cabinets for electric drives for thermal power plants of ÐÒÇÎ series
  • type ÊÇ terminal boxes for 6-32 terminals
  • floor panel boxes
    Transformer substations

  • 6-10/0.4kV and up to 100, 160, 250, 400, 630 kVA
  • Electric and wiring accessories

    The main specialization of the Plant is the design, delivery and contract supervision of:

    High-voltage equipment
  • generator voltage bus ducts of 24 kV
  • auxiliary bus ducts of 6-10 kV
  • busbar ducts of 0.4kV and 1.2kV
  • insulated small-size bus ducts of up to 6.3kV for encapsulated water-wheel generators
  • Open Stock Company "Nevsky Zavod "Electroschit" guarantees its customers high quality, reliability and a wide variety of services.

    For contacts and inquiries:

    1-A Zavodskaya Street
    Otradnoe 188694
    Leningrad region
    Tel: +7 81262 4 06 39
    Fax: +7 81262 4 06 39

    More about Open Stock Company
    "Nevsky Zavod "Electroschit"

    The Open Stock Company "Nevsky Zavod "Electroschit" established in 1953 and ranking among the leading plants of the Ministry of Fuel and Power industries in Russia.
  • The Company is a multi-structural production plant manufacturing various electrotechnical equipment for thermal, hydroelectric and atomic power plants as well as for industrial enterprises, building projects, agricultural installations, oil-and-gas industry branches and for farming;
  • The Companyproduces more than 100 items of products. for a wide variety of applications, including transformer substations of 6-10/0.4 kV and up to 630 kVA, low-voltage equipment, power distribution cabinets with circuit breakers and fuses of up to 250 A, relay boxes and signal-circuit cabinets of up to 660 V, low-voltage power distribution panels of current ratings up to 2000 A, motor-drive control cabinets for thermal power plants of series PT30-69.arid PT30-88M.
  • The main specialization of the plant is designing, delivery and contract supervision of generator voltage bus ducts of up to and including 35 kV and rated current up to 31500 A; power-plant auxiliary-power bus ducts of 6-10 kV arid rated current tip to 4000 A; bus lines of 0.4 kV arid 1.2 kV and rated currents of 1600, 2000, 4000 and 6300 A;
  • is the only plant in Russia and in the CIS which produces special insulated small-size TIN-type bus ducts of up to 6.3 kV and current ratings up to 4200 A for encapsulated water-wheel generators;
  • produced bus ducts have a rightfully gained reputation of efficient and reliable products. They are widely used at thermal, atomic and hydroelectric power plants practically in all regions of the world from the Extreme North to the South under the most severe conditions of cold temperate and tropical climates. Our plant is the only enterprise producing bus ducts for the atomic and hydroelectric power plants of Russia.
  • More than 35-year engineers' and designers' experience of using advanced technologies and novel material and accessory equipment ensures high standards of reliability and durability of bus ducts under most unfavourable operating conditions. The original life has been prolonged to 10 years, the service life - to 40 years. Guaranteed service life is extended to 3 years from the date of commissioning.

    The bus ducts produced by our plant have a number of advantages:
  • all sections and units are manufactured with accessory equipment (current and Voltage transformers, bushing insulators) installed inside;
  • welds are inspected for defects with the aid of penetrating radiation;
  • a distinguishing feature is that, apart from straight sections, the production of which has long been a common practice, angle and Z-shaped sections and units are manufactured.
  • It has been this approach to designing and manufacture of bus ducts, i.e. maximum completion of all sections at the plant, which has been praised by our customers, because we save t time, effort and money. They understand that apart from high quality of welds ensured by the plant, the installation period becomes considerably shorter owing to the fact that ready-made sections do not require additional working into place. Due to this, the reliability and durability of busways in operation have become higher, thus having a positive effect on the competitive power of our products

    We guarantee that our company will provide spare parts, including accessory equipment, according to the adopted delivery schedule throughout the service period and will also render a wide spectrum of technical services ranging from the design and contract supervision of bus ducts by the personnel of the Open Stock Company "Nevsky Zavod "Electroschit" to the delegation of supervisory engineers to control the erection carried out by the customer.

    The bus ducts of the Open Stock Company "Nevsky Zavod "Electroschit" have been delivered for the hydroelectric power plants "Janpeg" (Canada) , "Zheleznye Vorota-Il" (Romania) , "Jerdap II" (Yugoslavia) , "A1 -Baas" (Syria) , "Bhakra" (India), "Niuil-4" (Argentina) , " Al Vahda" (Morocco) , "Ialy (Vietnam) ", for the atomic power plant "Lowiza11 (Finland) , for the thermal power plants "Toppila" (Finland) , "Kahalqoon'1 (India) , "Metsa-Voima" (Finland) , "Imin"(China) , "Kirkniemi" (Finland) , "Shahid Mohammad Montazery" (Iran), "Ramin" (Iran) has well as for more than 2000 turbo and water-wheel. generators each of 63-1000 MW, in Russia and the countries of the CIS.

    High quality, reliability, modern design and a wide variety of low- and medium-voltage equipment - all these advantages taken together will be provided to you by theOpen Stock Company "Nevsky Zavod "Electroschit".

    The plant has its own approach lines and is located in the vicinity of an airport and sea terminal.

    Our enterprise has over many years cooperated with many design and foreign trade firms such as SUE «Foreign Economic Association «Texnopromexport», Joint Stock Company «Energomashexport», (Higroproject), (Teploelectroproject), «Zarubejenergoproject» and many others

    The payment for put production can come true by the various forms such, as opening irrevocable documentary letters of credit. The delivery of production is made as through intermediary firms and directly.

    For the development of the new market of sales the business-plan, including construction of new shop on manufacturing low-voltage equipment and substations, is developed. The enterprise is interested in the investments and partnership with foreign firms.

    The manufacture of the given electrotechnical products is offered on new technology with use of the domestic and import equipment. Cost outlay makes 10-12 millions US dollars.

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