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JSC "N. D. Kuznetsov"
Samara Scientific and Technical Complex
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Address 2a S. Lazo Street, Samara 443026, Russia
Tel. No. +7 (8462) 50 02 28
Fax No. +7 (8462) 50 12 11
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1946
Key personnel Name
General Director &
General Designer
Mr. E. A. Gritsenko
First Deputy General
Mr. A.V. Zuev
First Deputy General
S.M. Ignachkov
Type of business Design and development of gas turbine engines for various applications
Ownership: Public (Joint-Stock) Company

The Company has developed more than 40 types of engines including gas turbine engines for installation into aircraft (Tu 114, Tu 144, Tu 154, Il 62, Il 86, etc.), liquid-propellant rocket engines for space exploration and industrial gas turbine power plants of 6…25 MW power.

In 1997 and 1998 NK-33 non-expendable liquid-propellant rocket engine was tested in the USA for installation into US EELV vehicle.

NK-12ST, NK-16ST, NK-36ST gas turbines provide pumping of more than 30% of CIS natural gas. New engines intended for application in aviation – NK-93, for driving gas-pumping station pumps – NK-38, for power generator drive – NK-37 and NK-39 are under development now. Component Strength Development Center with more than 150 test rigs was created.

We offer services in the following fields:

  • Designing of gearboxes, gas turbine engines and their elements and other machines.

  • Completion of strength, thermal and aerodynamic analyses with application of modern software and hardware.

  • Conducting of all types of structural tests including holographic investigations, spin tests of large-sized discs etc.

  • Development of techniques and performing of various parts strengthening through surface plastic strain hardening methods, which provides considerable improvement of the parts service life.

  • Manufacturing of case hardening machine.

  • All kinds of casting from aluminum, magnesium, titanium, heat-resistant alloys and steels including thin-walled casting of large-sized parts as well as directional solidification and monocrystal casting.

  • Development of technological processes and manufacturing of complicated shape parts through electrochemical and electro-erosion machining.

  • Applying of erosion-resistant, heat-resistant and thermal-barrier ceramic coatings through explosion, plasma spray and electron beam methods.

  • Manufacturing of gas-burner modules for separate heating systems, hot water supply to housings and production buildings, bread baking ovens.

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