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Ufa Scientific Production Enterprise

Key personnel Name
General Director
Chief Designer
Mr. Raspopov Evgeny Victorovich
Manufacturing Director Mr. Kamalov Vjacheslav Maratovich
Financial Director Mr. Beljaev Vitaliy Aleksandrovich
Address 70 Zentsov Street, Ufa, Bashkortostan, 450052, Russia
Tel. No. +7 3472 227 124
Fax No. +7 3472 223 340
E-mail address
Website address
Year of foundation 1941
Type of business Aircraft engine electronic control systems.
Plugs and aircraft engine electrical ignition systems
Ownership: State Company
No. of employees
Annual t/o
3 000 000 USD
Export sales 33%
Main markets:
Ukraine 50%
Germany 30%
Uzbekistan 20%
Bashcreditbank, Ufa

Ufa Scientific Production Enterprise (USPE) «Molniya» has 50 years of experience in design and manufacturing of electronic equipment for aviation engines: from the simplest rotor speed and gas temperature limitations to multifunctional digital systems with full authority.

Electronic units of «Molniya» design are working on the majority of military and civil aircraft - Àn-24, Àn-72, Àn-74, Àn-124, Àn-224, Yak-42, ÌiG-29, ÌiG-31, Òu-134, Òu-154, IL-96-300.

In 1997-1998 USPE«Molniya» is completing the research and design and the preparation for production of the following equipment:
  • electronic control system for IL-114 airplane’s air propeller
  • integral electronic control system of power plant for perspective Russian-Ukrainian airplane An-70
  • electronic engine’s regulator for Òu-334, Yak-42Ì, Be-200 air-planes
  • complex of ground testing for MiG-29 aircraft’s engine
  • In Russia and the CIS USPE «Molniya» is the unique designer of engine’s electrical ignition systems and objective test’s facilities for state of heat-strained elements of jet engines construction (optical pyrometers and ionization flame’s sensors).

    Ignition units and plugs designed in «Molniya» are mounted on all the types of CIS aircraft, rocket-space complex «Energiya-Buran», gas-pump stations based on jet engines, tank engines etc.

    In the last few years a new generation of ignition units and plugs was created. Mass of ignition units was reduced by 1.5 times with increasing minimal output energy by 2 times, output parameters’ stability was increased by 4 times. Units used in civil aviation equipment was eliminated application elements with radioactive isotopes. The units’ resource was increased more than 2 times. USPE «Molniya» has designed and installed an equipment complex for measurement of blade’s turbine temperature for the perspective Russian engine PS-90A. Supplies of ignition systems’ and optical pyrometers’ are realized for all the types of new engines for airplanes such as the IL-96-300, IL-114, Òu-204, Òu-214, Òu-334, Àn-70.

    «Molniya» is actively involved in design and production of civil goods such as:
  • automobile electronic ignition systems have been designed and are manufactured
  • autonomous systems of hot-water supplying for houses have been designed and are manufactured
  • electronic control, testing and diagnostic systems for oil-refinery plants of Bashkortostan are designed
  • USPE «Molniya» contains in its structure two scientific-research design divisions: electronic control systems division and ignition systems division, besides, it has its own experimental plant. The main production areas is 15000 sq.m.

    «Molniya»’s production facilities and capacity, technological and testing base allow to provide for all needs of Russian aviation with its own designed goods.

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