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Research & Industrial Corporation

NPO Molniya, 6 Novoposelkovaya Street, Moscow 123459, Russia
Tel: +7 095 497 5930; Fax:+ 7 095 497 4723
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Supersonic Rocket Targets

NPO MOLNIYA has been designing rockets-targets for over 30 years using the great experience in crea-ting anti-aircraft guided rockets (AGR) for C-25M.

On the basis of B-300 anti-aircraft rockets which expired their service life, there were designed, tested and put into the serial production the following types of the rocket-targets: KUNITSA (1965-1970), SOBOL (1970-1975), BELKA (1975-1988), ZVEZDA (1988-1993) and STRIZH (1994 to the present time), all of them imitate flying-technical and informational characteristics of typical air targets in a wide altitude range (from 50 m to 30 km) and speeds (from 50 to 1500 m/s) in flights according to the programmed trajectory with the possibility of its radio controlled correction.

At the same time the ground facilities for preparing and launching the rockets-targets were designed and put into operation in the form of the mobile ground complex (LISA-M), included into the ground devices of the control point, launching and technical position.

Low cost of the rockets-targets constructed on the basis of battle anti-aircraft rockets, sufficiently full imitation of air targets characteristics, high reliability and safety in service ensured their wide use in the system of air defence as a typical air target for battle training, testing of anti-aircraft rocket complexes and systems. Manufacturin4 of rockets-targets on the basis of the expired-its-service-life anti-aircraft rockets gives a considerable finance economy for the state.

The power plant: a two regime liquid jet engine with two-component fuel.

The guiding system: autonomous with the radio--correcting program.

The special equipment tracers for increasing infra-red radiation, Lyuneberg lens for increasing of effective surface dissipation and the apparatus to imitate the active radio-interference and signals of large size targets, the automated system for registration and estimation of fire results.

The flight safety system: destruction of the target at the prescribed time, by single radio-command, at the deviation of course or roll.

The mounting of the radio-altimeter on the rocket-target allows to fly at low altitudes of 50-1000 m enveloping of terrain relief and for the distance up to 50 km with the speed from 650 to 100 m/s.

Pre-launch preparing, launching and controlling of a rocket-target flight are performed with the LISA mobile ground complex, containing the ground devices, specially designed on the base of the anti-aircraft rocket complex and standard all-army facilities, including:

the ground facilities of the launch position, consisting of six launching devices, manufactured by means of developing standard launching devices of the basic anti-aircraft complex;

the command point ground facilities, consisting of a specially manufactured cabin with the station for transmitting commands and the panel for guiding rocket-target flight, standard all-army radar stations and communication facilities;

the technical position ground facilities, consisting of a specially manufactured control set to inspect the rocket-target, standard devices for loading with components of fuel and air, transport-loading facilities and a mobile electronic power station.

On the basis of many-year experience of designing rocket-targets NPO MOLNIYA developed an automated information-measuring system to register and estimate firing results intended for equipping rockets-targets in order to receive the trustworthy information:

about the parameters of mutual location of the target and the battle rocket shooting it;

about the parameters of catching and hitting the target with the piercing elements of the attacking rocket battle charge;

about the effective hitting target and the firing results according to the special criteria.

The analogue of this system successfully passed the state tests with the ZVEZDA-4 rocket-target.

At the present time NPO MOLNIYA is performing work connected with designing the rockets-target PM- 75 with the tactical-technical characteristics similar to the characteristics of the STRIZH rocket-target.

On the base of the expired its life anti-aircraft guided system C-75 there was developed the rocket-target PM- 75 in two modifications: PM- 75MB for low altitudes and PM- 75B for high altitude.

NPO MOLNIYA many-year experience in developing supersonic rockets-targets on the base of expired their life anti-aircraft guided rockets is an economically effective method of utilization of the taken from service battle rockets which ensures their second life and wide use in the army as air targets imitating standard air targets.

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