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Address Blvd. "Edvard Kardelj", b.b. 1430 Kavadarci, Republic of MACEDONIA
Tel. No. ++ 389 43 412 500
Fax No. ++ 389 43 412 700
E-mail address
Web address
Year of foundation 1988
Key personnel Name
General Manager Mr. Ljuben Mitreski
Type of business Trade, production, engineering
Ownership 100% Private company
No. of employees 25
Annual turnover 3,100,000 USD
Export sales 15%
Main export markets Egypt, Bulgaria, Yougoslavia, France

Metalex was established as a company in 1998. It has several fields of activity:

- trade with standard machine parts
- production of rollers for conveyer belts
- production of no standard machine parts
- engineering activities

Beside of the above spheres of working, METALEX also has 80% stocks in the factory for production of pumps in Macedonia.

1. Trade with standard machine parts
Metalex is a supplier to production companies with standard spare parts like:

- bearings
- simmering
- electric motors
- gear boxes
- belts
- chains
- steel materials, etc.

Metalex is the exclusive buyer for Macedonia for bearings ZKL-ZVL - Slovakia, and for electric motors Valiadis - Greece, Knuth - Germany

2. Production of rollers for conveyer belts
Metalex produces different dimensions of:

- Flat rollers
- Returning rollers
- Amortizing rollers

3.Production of non-standard machine parts Engineering Activities
We are interested in co-operation with companies all over the world on the basis of subcontracting. Actually Metalex has its own machine park where we produce machine parts for different assignment, for example gears, shafts, axis, etc. in accordance with a technical documentation of the customer or our documentation, or by sample

Beside of the capacities in our workroom, we can also use available capacities of several others companies in Macedonia, what contribute for ability for accepting of wider range of orders. We would like to empathise that well-educated working staff, low charges per working hour and good trade relations in supplying raw materials are important advantages for successful realising of subcontracting works.

4. Engineering Activities
Based on the fact that Metalex has 80% stocks in a factory for production of pumps, we can offer all types of pumps producing in the factory, for transport of various kinds of fluids -water, oil, gas, chemicals, sewage, etc (see the specification below).


for transportation
SPIRAL CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS 80 300 clean water t < 90 C
Clean water t = 90-160 C
Chemical solution
DOUBLET INLET SPIRAL PUMPS 150 3000  Clean or slightly clean water
MULTISTAGE CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS 60 40 Clean Water (viscosity < 2 E)
MULTISTAGE PUMPS 380 200 Water and other clean mediums
(viscosity < 2 E)
PROPELLER PUMPS 11 2.2 Clean or slightly muddy water to 60C
SEWAGE PUMPS 25 60  Sludge and waste water without abrasive ingredients to 80 C
SCREW SPINDLE PUMPS     Oil and other naphtha derivatives(viscosity = 2 - 100 E)
PETROL PUMPS 200 50 Naphtha derivatives without abrasive ingredients
SINGLE SPINDLE PUMPS     Non-abrasive fluid (viscosity = 2 - 100 E
VACUUM PUMPS     Air and other non-aggressive medium t < 80 C
DIESEL PUMPS AGREGATES 150 180 Clean or slightly muddy water to 60 C
ROTARY VANE PUMPS     Liquid fuel and other oil derivatives without abrasive particles
DOZING PUMPS   84 Clean chemical solution
VERTICAL DEEPWELL PUMPS 220  700  Clean or slightly muddy water to 60 C