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Joint Stock Company


Integrated engineering and project development for mineral processing and waste recycling industries


  • FLTs No. 002534: for activities in construction, granted by the Government of the Russian Federation
  • No. 08P-99/299 for design of mineral processing facilities
  • No. 080-99/300 for performance of examination of technical concepts in connection with operational safety of industrial facilities
  • "Mekhanobr Engineering" also possesses the Certificate No. 544 for accreditation of specialized examination centre issuing permits to design industrial facilities

The licence FLTs No.002534 was issued by the Ministry of Construction
of the Russian Federation to the Joint Stock Company of a closed type

199026, St.Petersburg, 21st Liniya, 8a,

for official activities in the areas of business as listed below, to be performed in the territory of the Russian Federation, the CIS and abroad.

If "Mekhanobr Engineering" performs special projects, that must be controlled by the State Inspection, it has to obtain official permits from the State Inspection to perform this work.

The licence was issued on the 6th of August, 1996, and shall be valid until August 6, 1999.

Annex to the licence FLTs No. 002534


The JSC of a closed type "Mekhanobr Engineering" is granted the right to deal in the following business areas:

I. Project development

    1. Architectural design work:
      - industrial facilities (according to p.5).

    2. Construction designs:
      - building structures, units and parts
      - foundations.

    3. Design of service lines and systems:
      - heating, ventilation, air-conditioning
      - running water and sewerage
      - gas supply
      - refrigeration
      - power supply
      - electric lighting
      - electric heating
      - automation and instrumentation
      - weak current devices
      - mechanisation, as well as plant conveyance, hoisting and materials handling facilities and equipment
      - vertical layout
      - provision of all proper amenities/conveniences and planting of greenery
      - external transport.

    4. Development of special issues of projects:
      - environmental safety (design of gas-and-dust effluents cleaning facilities, non-standardized equipment, disposal and burial ponds for solid, liquid and slurry wastes, circulating water supply and sewage treatment systems; preparation of ecological certificates of industrial facilities; estimation of environmental impacts)
      - labour safety
      - protection against electrochemical corrosion
      - organisation of construction
      - cost sheets.

    5. Design of production facilities: - facilities and structures, belonging to metallurgical, mining and processing industries, including water-development projects.

Annex to the licence FLTs No. 002534

The JSC of a closed type "Mekhanobr Engineering" is granted the right to deal in the following business areas:

I. Project development
    1. Examination of project documentation for metallurgical, mining and processing facilities, including water-development projects.

II. Engineering services:
    - assistance in production management
    - organisation of training for personnel
    - acquisition and preparation of initial data for project design work
    - control of project design documentation development and coordination, including all pertaining financial documents, e.g., cost sheets.