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Piers, Warehouses and Technical Facilities

OJSC MCS rents 13 piers for operation with the length of more than 2500 m. Length and depth of the piers allow to accept and handle the ships with the draft up to 11,5 m and with the length of more than 250 m, the designed depth of some piers is 16,0 m.

The Port is divided into 3 unloading complexes. The unloading complexes 1 and 2 handle general and bulk cargoes by means of universal facilities: portal cranes with capacity up to 40 tn, fork trucks 1,5-32 tn, bucket trucks and roll-trailers 40 tn. To unload very hard cargoes the floating cranes with capacity of 500 tn are available.

Storage of cargoes is in open storage places and covered warehouses. There are about 100.000 sq. m of open storage places and 30.000 sq. m of covered warehouses in general.

Complexes No 1 and 2 handle the following cargoes:

There is the modern complex for handling of mineral fertilisers with the capacity of 2500000 tn per year equipped with loading devices and covered warehouses.

Loading complex No 3 is a specialised complex for handling apatite concentrate. There is the handling equipment for unloading apatite from rail cars into ships.
Capacity of the complex is 1000 tn/hour (about 3 000 000 tn/year). The covered warehouse with the capacity of 25000 tn is available for storage of apatite. All warehouses and piers are with the access for rail cars and trucks, it provides to carry out loading-unloading operations from ship-rail car, car-ship, ship-warehouse. All warehouses can be used for storage of cargoes not required special temperature conditions and not to be dangerous.

In the Port there are different weighing devices :
  • railway scales to weigh empty and loaded rail cars up to 120 tn with the accuracy of weighing is 0,5 %
  • car scales up to 15 tn
  • cargo scales — 3 tn
Cargo handling is carried out day and night without week-ends and holidays, all year round. The capacity of the Port is 9.000.000 tn.

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