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Machine Building Plant (LMZ)
Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region, Russia
Tel/Fax: +7 09663 1 1376/+7 095 234 4313


Non Aviation Production

"Leader" Watercraft

Length 2715 mm
Width 1065 mm
Height 1874 mm
Dry weight 175 kg
Vehicle capacity 1 - 2 persons
Engine type 3-cylinder
Displacement 648 cc
Bore/Stroke 65 mm x 65 mm
Leader Watercraft

Compression ratio 9.1 : 1
Rated output 60 hp
Carburation 1 Mikuni BN 40-38
Starting Electric
Ignition Digital - ΜΟΡ 3
Cooling system Inducted water
Propultion system Jet pump, 3-blade stainless steel impeller
Fuel capacity 37 liters
Fuel reserve 7,0 liters 7,0 liters
Mixing ratio 50 : 1
The all-plastic construction watercraft is equipped with a waterjet, in which the boat engine "Vikhor" with electric starter is used.
High floatability, special lock breaking the circuit of the engine when the driver falls off occasionally and special life jackets supplied with it make the watercraft reliable and safe for the user.
Instrumentation: Fuel Gauge, Low Fuel Warning Lamp, Speedometer, Start/Stop knobs, Engine Shut-off Lanyard


UV Lamps PHILIPS TL 100W 204R
Cleo Performance
Power consumption 2200 W
Dimensions (L x W) 2 000 x 770m

Weight Not more than 145 kg
Timer 15, 20, 25, 30 min
Electric power 220 W, 50 Hz

Main advantages of the unit:

  • electric timer
  • increased length
  • the glass of the lower part of the set is 25% thicker (durability)
Sunbed for ultra-violet ray tan. The use of western components and Russian materials in the construction ensures maximum price and quality ratio.

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