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Machine Building Plant (LMZ)
Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region, Russia
Tel/Fax: +7 09663 1 1376/+7 095 234 4313


Airmen Training Centre

The Airmen Training Centre provides professional training for pilots and maintenance personnel.

Pilots Initial Training:

  • Amateur pilots initial training (for IL- 103 aircraft)

  • Commercial pilots initial training (for IL-103 aircraft)

Retraining Course for a New Type of Aircraft:

  • Amateur pilots for IL- 103 aircraft training

  • Commercial pilots for IL-103 aircraft training

  • Prepares Crew for IL-103 aircraft Maintenance

Up-grading Course:

  • Amateur pilots for IL- 103 aircraft up-grading

  • Commercial pilots for IL- 103 aircraft up-grading

  • IL-103 aircraft maintenance crew up-grading

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