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Joint - Stock Company "Ladoga" has great know-how of furniture production and is only chair producer in the North-West of Russia.

Founded in the period of industrialisation in early thirties, LADOGA has been developing as up-to-date enterprise and its production is of high quality, modern and durable.

During the World War II and the siege LADOGA workers produced shell boxes, light landing boats and other articles necessary for the defenders of Leningrad.

In 1990 the enterprise was completely reconstructed and provided with new Italian machinery which allowed to produce about 20 000 chairs a month and to improve the assortment.

LADOGA has created three commercial centres for the best customer service. In St. Petersburg these are SANDAL (which is situated on the factory premises) and 12 CHAIRS, and in Moscow - OOO 12 CHAIRS. Here you can find not only chairs but kitchen benches, tables and chairs for offices and country houses, furniture for concert halls and public institutions. All furniture is made of high quality natural wood decorated with import lacquer, paints and fabric. Consumers in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Norway where LADOGA exports its production have already been pleased with quality and durability of LADOGA furniture.

You are welcome to LADOGA shops:

St. Petersburg, The 12-Krasnoarmeiskaya, 26
(metro station "Baltiyskaya")
tel. +7 095 251-96-93, fax. +7 095 110-10-77

St. Petersburg. Bolsheochinskiy pr., 1
(metro station "Novocherkaskaya")
tel. +7 095 224-15-75

Moscow, Nizhnaya Pervomayskaya, 46, 4 floor
tel. +7 095 956-74-83

(sales department)
The 12-Krasnoarmeiskaya, 26
tel. +7 095 251-96-28, +7 095 251-08-98
fax. +7 095 110-11-93

Joint - Stock Company LADOGA production

Code name Brief description
C 18
Mass production chair. Universal application.
C 1
Small bur very comfortable detail in your interior
C 73
The best specimen with original design for wealthy consumers. Production is limited.
C 83
These chairs have optimum dimensions for modern flats and small offices. This article is popular with people moving to new modern houses
C 88
This model has perfect design and is very popular with foreign consumers. Universal application.
C 99
Chair for offices. It is very popular with office designers.
C 102
One of the latest models. Universal application. Can be used in cultural and public-service institutions, offices and houses.
KC 1
A new model. Equally suitable for people of different weight and physique.
IO 1
Optimum size and stylish form allow to be inserted in interiors of small companies and founding, as well as modern apartments.

All above-mentioned models are produced in different colours (up to five) and fabric modifications. Chair-bottoms can be either soft or hard.