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Joint Stock Company

Address 64 B. Sampsonievsky Prospect, St. Petersburg 194044, Russia
Tel. No. +7 812 245 1790
Fax No. +7 812 245 6912
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1877
Key personnel Name
Managing Director Leonid Grigorievich Kuznetsov
Type of business Production and export of compressor equipment
of different types
Ownership Joint Stock Company
No. of employees
Export sales 25%
Main export markets
Europe (EU) Norway, Finland, Germany
Europe (East) Czech Republic, Poland
The Far East Japan, Korea
South East Asia China, Thailand
Indian Subcontinent India
Africa Egypt, Algeria

JSC Compressor was founded in 1877 and has a 100-year history in development and manufacture of compressor equipment of different purposes.

The Company has extensive experience in the field of research, project work and manufacture of compressors.

The workshops of our Company have new equipment with programme control. As JSC Compressor is the only company in Russia in this field, it supplies its production to all built and being build underwater and onwater ships. Actually there is no ship in our country on which compressors are are not in use, including geophysical ships for shelf exploring, ships of space communication type "Academician Korolev" and "Cosmonaut Juriy Gagarin", types of ice-breakers like "Siberia" and "Arktica", large tankers.

In the last 10 years our Company carried out enormous work in making wider the field of compressor applications and at present they are used in energetics, mechanical engineering, oil and mining industries, medicine, transport, food industry, in various technological processes, etc.

Compressor equipment of JSC Compressor is used in starting complexes of the cosmodromes "Baikonur" and "Plesetsk", in the sea based rocket-space complex manufactured by "Sea Launch" made by firm of Russia, the USA, Norway and the Ukraine.

Various equipment manufactured by the Company is used for fire-technical, underwater and diving works, in work for extreme situations services.

In connection with the pressing problem of gas as motor fuel for transport, our Company supplies CNG KITs, automobile gas-filling stations, gas-fuel equipment for automobiles. Our compressors are automated, have low mass size characteristics, low noise level, guarantee high level of puring of compressed air and other gases.

Compressors produced by our Company are used in various region in Russia as well as in many countries abroad - Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, India, Iran, Indonesia, Korea, Algeria, Egypt, Cuba, Libya, Poland, The Czech republic etc.

The supply is in accordance with the terms of "Incoterms-90"

The time of supply ranges from 1 to 3 months after signing of contract.

Types of compressor equipment, manufactured byJSC Compressor:
  • piston air compressors of high pressure 100 + 400 kg/, productivity up to 600 cub. m/h

  • air diesel compressors with pressure 150 + 400 kg/, productivity up to 180 cub.m/h

  • piston air compressors of low pressure up to 40 kg/, productivity up to 300 cub.m/h

  • compressors producing air for human breathing

  • membrane compressors for pumping over nitrogen and oxygen

  • piston compressors for compressing natural gas, with pressure up to 250 kg/, productivity up to 300 cub.m/h

  • units and systems for drying and purifying compressed air of mechanical impurities, moisture and oil

  • various products: CNG KITs for automobiles, joiner's vice and metal worker's vice, bath curtains, locks, etc.

  • JSC Compressor is ready for expansion of contacts, investments and offers various kinds of cooperation:
  • supply of our production

  • supply of equipment and spares

  • carrying out of compressor repairs

  • use of investment for developing of new types of various equipment by our constructors

  • creating joint ventures for manufacturing and selling of compressors

  • manufacturing of production as per documentation of individual customers

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