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Joint Stock Company


4 M. Stainov Street, Kazanlak 6100, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 431 22 390; +359 431 23 759
Fax:+359 431 23 146; +359 431 23 054
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The Joint Stock Company KATEX is a modern textile enterprise with a 150 year old tradition.

KATEX means KAzanluk TEXtile. It is one of the biggest production enterprise in Kazanluk - the center of the Valley of Roses.

The company was founded in 1848 by Petko Staynov, when he left his apprenticeship with Master Gruyoylu and bought seven looms. He started producing frieze, homespun, cords and braids. In 189O a wool mill, wool yarn and fabrics, built by the joint-stock company STAYNOV BROTHERS started production, being developed and renovated all the time.
Today KATEX has a full production cycle, starting with greasy wool and finishing with fabrics. The company produces and sells washed carded wool, worsted wool tops, yarns for knitted and woven fabric cloths.
Production includes more than 150 articles with different composition, structure, weight and application, including fabrics with lycra.
About 90% of the production is for export, the main clients being SPAIN, GERMANY, FRANCE, DENMARK, USA AND CANADA. The company uses high quality inputs, like Australian wool and low pilling polyester,
which enter the production lines after undergoing rigorous control at the mill's laboratory. A considerable advantage and guarantee for the exact composition of the dye baths is the computer monitoring of the dying processes - locally and centrally.
The dying department has the most modern equipment in the country. The dying recipes are prepared with the help of the precision system MAGI-COLOR. The preparatory department is equipped with the most modern production line including intersecting and combing machines by SCHLUMBERGER of France. Therefore-spin-ning articles are also "Schlumberger" products. The cleaning of the yarns is done by AUTOCONER 238 automatic bobbin winder. The twisting and doubling machines have been modernized with splicer MESDAN.
The KATEX company produces and offers seasonal collections. The collections are designed by a team of designers on the basis of the fashion trends of world famous fashion agencies. They are shown at the specialized exhibition department. The variety and diversity of the products is achieved using the CAD/CAM computer system. Sampling is done on a HERGETH Warp Sampling Machine.

The production of KATEX is of pure wool (100%) and blends with high percent-age of wool. It has been licensed by International Wool Secretariat (IWS) by granting to KATEX the authority to use the trade marks - WOOLMARK and WOOLBLANDMARK.

Katex's fabrics are tested for harmful substances and meet the requirements of "OEKO - TEX STANDARD 100"