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Address 13 Novgorodskaya Street, St.Petersburg 193144,
Tel. No. +7 812 271 41 03
Fax No. +7 812 271 16 01
E-mail addresses
Year of foundation 1924
Key personnel Name
Director General: Vyacheslav V. Lapin
Executive Director: Konstantin D. Bratchikov
Head of Sales
Sergey V. Bezrodny
Type of business Production of measuring instruments
Ownership Limited company
Parent Company
Ladozhkaya Investment Company
No. of employees
Export sales 20%
Main export
Israel, Czech Republic, USA
Promstroy Bank, Vnechtorg Bank

IZMERON Plant is one of the oldest enterprises in Russian Instrumental industry. The high technical and scientific level of the Plant, the rich experience and long term-traditions in developing and manufacturing of precision devices allows the production of top quality products known not only in Russia, but in the United States, Israel, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and other countries too.

At present IZMERON Plant is producing a wide range of mechanical and electronic measuring equipment intended for taking precision measurements multi-purpose, such as:

  • sets of feeler gauges, sets of radius gauges, sets of screw pitch gauges
  • lever snap and plug gauges
  • lever micrometers
  • spring measuring heads
  • lever-and-spring measuring heads
  • spring-optical measuring heads
  • stands for measuring heads
  • devices for checking measuring heads
  • optical-electronic transducers
  • digital raster transducers and measuring systems
  • induction gauge transducers

  • and special, such as:

  • devices for checking longitudinal section tolerance and roundness tolerance of the rollers manufactured on roller grinding machines
  • rail gauge templates intended for inspection of railway track condition for track gauge, comparative rail elevation; measuring the ordinates of interchange curves
  • devices for testing the switching force and adjustment of switch friction used by railway systems and others
  • Since 1996, the Plant has also started manufacturing oil wells repair and maintenance equipment, such as overhead and inner fishing tools, tubing spears, ring and flat bottom mills and others.

    More detailed information can be supplied by our technical department on +7 812 271 1564