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Promishlena Zona, Kotel 8970, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 453 2089; Fax: +359 453 2490
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More than a century and a half ago the Bulgarian genius of creation gave birth to an ever lasting tradition, so unique in its spiritual insight and authenticity. For many years it has been reflected in the unsurpassed skill and talent of the Kotel master weavers and their masterpieces of local colour and vividness.
Having found the best way of expressing their inner world on fabric in the perfection
of geometry, they are making the Kotel school of textile wearing more and more popular.

Today that particular tradition enables us to say "Made in Kotel" is worth every penny of it and we really mean it.

INKOTEX AG - Kotel has specialised in the production of natural and synthetic Jacquard and decorative textiles. The company has been on the Bulgarian market for 30 years .

New technologies have been introduced for the production of garter - stitch Jacquard textile, double - knitted plush, garter - stitch and figured plush, ritual prayer rigs; worsted, tweed and new fashion yarns. Both pattern and colour are practically limitless.

INKOTEX textiles have proved to be stout and lasting and they never lose their colour. That makes them so practical and useful in everyday life. Here is our full range:
  • Damask cloth for period furniture, living - room furniture suites, spring - beds, kitchen couches and chairs
  • Textiles for car upholstery, office equipment and flooring
  • Textiles for curtains and clothing
All INKOTEX textiles measure as follows:
  • Width 140 - 180 cm
  • Weight 100 - 600 gr / m2
  • Colour of welt up to 8
Annual capacity:
  • upholstery fabrics - 3 000 000 l. m.
  • worsted yarn - 700 t.
  • woolen yarn - 500 t.
  • effect yarn - 80 t.

We are looking for partners for the realization of our production, commission agents, joint venture co-operation.