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Federal Scientific & Production Centre "State Institute of Applied Optics" (FGUP "NPO GIPO") Logo

General Director Mr. Vladimir Petrovich Ivanov
Address 2 Lipatov Street, Kazan 420075, Russia
Tel. No. + 7 843 234 3572, +7 843 234 1892
Fax No. + 7 843 234 1803, +7 843 234 3434
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1957
Type of business Development and production:
  • Optical and optoelectronic instrument-making
  • New optical technologies
  • High-precision diffraction optical components
  • Ownership: Federal State Unitary Enterprise

    Federal Scientific & Production Centre "NPO GIPO”

    Founded in 1957, Federal Scientific and Production Centre "NPO GIPO" is one of the leading enterprises of optical instrument-making in Russia. The enterprise deals with problems of the development of optoelectronic devices and systems mainly for use in the infrared spectral region, ranging from fundamental research of optical performance of environment and materials and the development of new optical technologies to the development of promising optoelectronic instruments, manufacture and sales of products, including all types of tests and metrological certification.

    FGUP “NPO GIPO” carries out comprehensive research on radiation emitted by various products, visibility of combat equipment and industrial installations, research and development and production of thermal imaging equipment, thermal direction finding systems, aerospace surveillance equipment, specific monitoring-and-metrological equipment, optical components and new optical technologies; it develops instruments for environmental monitoring and determining thermal energy losses in buildings, industrial installations and structural units.

    With 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging devices, “NPO GIPO” has advanced from the development of simple thermal imaging channels using Gen I photodetectors comprising small-sized linear arrays to the development of sophisticated systems using photodetectors comprising multi-element linear arrays and focal-plane arrays.

    During this period of time some thermal imaging sights have been developed and subjected to all steps of testing and are manufactured. They are: thermal imaging sight 1PN79 for antitank missile systems "Kornet" and "Konkurs-M", 1PN86-VI for antitank missile system "Metis-M". A high resolution sight has been developed for promising vehicle-mounted systems as well as thermal imaging assemblies for modern airborne systems.

    FGUP “NPO GIPO” has developed a range of high precision unified verifying instruments to control the characteristics of thermal imaging devices and it produces these instruments. They are: IR collimator "Kolibri", computer-aided IR control and measuring system "NSI-K", thermal imager-radiometer "Iskra".

    FGUP “NPO GIPO” can develop and supply devices for environmental monitoring (stationary devices as well as ones mounted on mobile carriers including aircraft and space satellites) which allow to provide precision measurement of temperature anomalies, environmental pollutions, leakage in gas and product pipelines. Pilot and experimental production shops at FGUP “NPO GIPO” are capable to manufacture both prototype and individual samples, as well as production batches of optoelectronic devices.

    The Centre has a unique technological base for manufacturing high-precision optical components, including a wide range of aspherical lenses with surface equations of any order (diameter from 20 to 600 mm; steepness up to 80 degrees; aspherical gradient up to 700nm/mm; aspherization error of 0.1 of the reflected wave front distortion). The aspherical optics is tested with the help of an original measuring system based on computer generated holograms used as reference optical components.

    “NPO GIPO” has a production base for commercial manufacture of optical coatings of all kinds for spectral regions from UV to IR: antireflective, protective, filtering (cutting off, band, narrow-band, dichroic, multi-wavelength ones), reflective, including ones with little losses as well as ultrahard coatings, and coatings on optical elements made of polymers.

    “NPO GIPO” has a unique second to none research and production complex which can develop and produce commercially ruled and hologram diffraction gratings (spectroscopic gratings, echelles, echeletts, gratings for lasers, infrared polarizer-gratings, etc.), including ruled gratings with a spatial frequency up to 3600 l/mm and hologram gratings with a spatial frequency up to 5000 1/mm, IR polarizers for transmitted radiation (spectral range from 1.5 to 100 μm), as well as substrate materials: fluoroplastic (Teflon), polyethylene, CaF2, BaF2, infrared glass; with polarization degree being not less than 95 %.

    The enterprise has developed methods for manufacturing narrow-band hologram filters (notch filters) for laser radiation suppression, radiation attenuation up to 1000000, with supression band half-width being 10 nm and transmission outside the suppression band being not less than 80 %.

    The enterprise has developed and produces infrared objectives with aspherical and kinoform elements for the 3-5 μm and 8-14 μm spectral regions. A unified range of IR objectives with a focal length of 22 to 500 mm and an aperture ratio up to 1:0.67 has been developed.

    “NPO GIPO” has a unique reference and sample measuring base which allows to store and transfer the units of energetic photometry in the visible and IR spectral regions at the international standard level and have metrological characteristics of manufactured devices to be certified with high precision. “NPO GIPO” is ready for a mutually beneficial cooperation.