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Design & Research Company
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Design and research company "ELECTROPRIVOD" was created in 1955. It is the leading enterprise in the field of designing and manufacturing of aircraft automated electric drives and their components (series of electrical mechanisms, electrical motors, control units, sensor units) of different functional purpose with wide range of rates and output power namely:

  • automated electric drive for systems of aircraft control

  • electric drive with translational action , universal electric mechanisms

  • electric drive with rotating action electrical mechanism for fuel systems, air conditioning system, for systems of wing mechanization and control of different surfaces, for drive of antenna caps, antennas, undercarriage, lifting devices, transporters, seats, pedals and other aggregates

  • electric drive with rocking action electrical mechanisms for drive of windshield wiper

  • angle sensor units and end switches units

  • electromagnetic equipment for systems of automatic start of aircraft engine and microprocessor equipment for systems of drives control

  • electrical generators.

On the basis of accumulated experience and scientific and technical work, research and production of the following is done:

  • electric drive for control and protection systems of nuclear reactors

  • blocks of supply and systems priming CO-lasers

  • electric surgical multi-functional sets for treatment of bones

  • electric drives and control blocks for regulation cock on liquid and gas pipes

  • electric drives for electromobile and motor-wheel

  • electric drives for ventilation installations

  • technological and test equipment

For contacts and inquiries:

24 Oktyabrskiy Prospect
Kirov 610006
Tel: +7 8332 231383
Fax: +7 8332 232510