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Dunarit Logo

Address: P.O.Box 12, Rousse, Bulgaria
Tel. No. +359 82 441 834; +359 82 84 41 40
Fax No. +359 82 446 826;+ 359 82 84 41 40
Year of foundation 1903
Executive Director Mr. Krustyu Krustev
Type of business Machines and tools for maintenance and repair of railroads: Road-straightening, Rail-cutting, Drilling, Component fixing machine, altogether 27 different items.

Office furniture - production of elements for chairs: supporting mechanisms for swivel office-chairs.

Gas systems and pressure vessels: LPG Motor Installations and tanks for liquefied hydrocarbon gas.

Agricultural machines - transplanters.

Anti-fire equipment - fire extinguishers (CO2, dust, foam), lintel connections, sprayers, etc.

Tool production: pressure and injection moulds and dies

Industrial explosive substances and blasting systems: Detonating Cords, intermediate detonators, industrial explosive matters for the mining and coal industry, for geo-physical research.

Plastic and elastic explosive matters for cutting and blast processing of metal constructions and others.
International certificates: DUNARIT J.S.Co. is certificated with ISO 9001 by SGS - Belgium
Ownership State Company
No. of employees 1300
Annual t/o 56 Million DM
Export sales 85%
Main Export Markets Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Israel, South Africa
Bankers Bulgaria Post Bank, Bulbank

Established more than 90 years ago as a factory for manufacturing of explosive matters, DUNARIT J.S.Co. is the successor of the good tradition in this field. Nowadays it is a company for research, development and manufacture in the fields of modern machine building and explosive matters.


  • Technological line for production of detonating Cords;
  • Technological complex for mixing and extrusion of high viscosity explosive substances;
  • Technological complex for mixing and rolling of elastic and plastic explosive substances;
  • Technology for production of pressings of explosive substances;
  • Technological line for drying of explosive substances.
  • Technological line for stretching and shrinking of rotary details with maximum diameter 165 mm and length up to 800 mm.
  • Technological line for casting high pressure vessels with pressure up to 25MPa and volume up to 10 L.
  • Equipment for flat casting - with effort up to 800 m and vertical casting - effort up to 2500 m.
  • Equipment for casting cast iron and aluminum.
  • For cutting up - guillotine up to 25 mm;
  • For punching and drawing - excenter presses, effort up to 250 m; hydraulic presses, effort up to 500 m; processing center with CNC- control for punching, drilling and bending of sheet material up to 4 mm, manufactured by "BALTAC," Switzerland.

Rotary parts:
  • universal lathes for processing details with diameter up to 500 mm and length up to 1500 mm.
  • copy lathes / Dmax - 250 mm, Lmax - 800 mm/ of the company "GEORG FISCHER," Switzerland.
  • Lathes with CNC-control /Dmax - 310 mm, Lmax - 500 mm/;
  • Lathes automates - longitudinal scraping and revolver, for processing details with diameter up to 42 mm, made by TRAUB, Germany and INDEX, Switzerland.
  • Grinding of details with diameter up to 250 mm.
Prism details
  • Drilling machines - universal and with CNC- control, processing centers, grinding machines. Maximum diameter of the processed details 1000x600 mm.
  • Mechanical welding of details in a protective gaseous environment (Co2, argon) and under a flux layer.
  • Thermal processing of constructive and tool steel, thermal processing in vacuum, galvanic coatings (oxidation, phosphate coating), applying paint coatings, (line for powder electrostatic painting).
  • Thermo reactive - pressing presses with effort up to 630 m.
  • Thermo-plastic - injection with maximum weight of detail up to 1200 g.
  • Installation for impregnation of fiber-cloths with vertical drying, by "CARATSC," Switzerland.
  • Production of pipes made of fiber-cloth, with high physical and mechanical, heat resistance and chemical resistance features.
  • Forming tools - press forms and injection forms for plastic processing, for casting aluminum details, stamps and dies - for forging, cutting, punching, bending and drawing of metal details'
  • Non-standard measuring devices and appliances; the Tool Production has available precise metal processing machines, such as: Milling machines with CNC-control, made by "DECKEL" and "MAHO", Germany. Coordinate - grinding machine, made by "HAUSER," Switzerland. Grinding machines, made by "STUDER," Switzerland and "HAUNI- BLOHM," "PeTeWe," Germany. Erosive machines - thread and volume, made by "CHARMILES," Switzerland and others.