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Joint Stock Company

Address 7200 Razgrad, Industrial Estate, Bulgaria
Tel. No. +359 84 28154
Fax No. +359 84 22636
Year of foundation 1961
E-mail address
Key personnel Name
Chair of the Board
of Directors
Julia Dilova Prof., Ph.D.
Managing Director Dipl. Eng. Emil Gyurov
Type of business Production of building glass and household porcelain
Ownership Joint Stock Company
No. of employees 1668
Annual t/o 3,850,000 USD
Export sales% 55.20%
Main export markets
Greece 13.35%
Italy 10.16%
Turkey 6.69%
Morocco 8.71%
Egypt 30.35%
Algeria 9.74%
Sudan 9.36%
et al. 11.64%
Bankers Bulbank, Sofia; Dresdner Bank, Sofia

The town of Razgrad is situated in North-East Bulgaria, on a railway line connecting Varna and Rousse. The region is well known with the big fields of high quality kaolin and quartz sand, which are the basic raw materials for the production of glass and porcelain. The big reserves of local raw materials are a basis for the creation in 1935 of a small factory for chinaware in Razgrad. The plant is situated on an area of 413 910 sq. m. Diamond Co. has been producing glass since 1961. At the beginning the production of sheet glass has been by the method "Furko" and since 1975 by the method "Pitsburg". The company works exclusively with Bulgarian resources and disposes of excellent experts.

Today Diamond Co. is the biggest enterprise in Bulgaria in the field of silicate industry. Diamond Co. produces: sheet glass by the "Pitsburg" method; wired and figured glass - coloured and colourless; light reflective glass; mirrors; safety (triplex) glass; insulating glass; water soluble glass (solid) - modules 2.2, 2.8, 3.3. The company produces household porcelain with European design and decoration, too.

Diamond Co. releases complete service of the glass and porcelain expeditions - sea transport charting, container and automobile transport, insurance of the goods, etc.

Diamond Co. has stable position on the market in Greece, Italy, Turkey, Macedonia, Tunisia, Morocco and carries out orders for the countries from the Near East and Central Africa.

Hereby we invite all the interested to release a co-operation of mutual interest in the sphere of glass and porcelain production and consumption. Our doors are opened for investment in the area of glass and porcelain production. Since 1997 Diamond Co. is a Joint Stock Company and as a such company, we and the shareholders are ready for co-operation in connection with our plans to produce float glass, to update the production of porcelain and to develop our production of light reflective glass, mirrors, safety (triplex) glass, insulating glass and tempered glass.



Water Soluble Sodium glass
(Dodim Silicate)

Diamond Co. produces water soluble sodium silicate with different modules:

Module of the water glass: M=SiO2 x 1.032
Modules produced and their tolerances:
M=2.2 /2.0:2.3/ M=2.8 /2.7:3.0/
M=2.4 /2.3:2.5/ M=3.3 /3.0:3.5/
Depending on the module the percentage of components varies:

SiO2 62% to 76%
Na2O 33% to 22%
Al2O2 <0.4% Pb <0.0015%
Fe2O3 <0.05% As <0.0005%
TiO2 <0.05% Bi <0.0030%
CaO <0.08% S <0.0150%
MgO <0.02% Ci <0.1000%
Chemical Specification as example:

Chemical specification in % per weight Module 2.1 Module 2.84 Module 3.19
SiO2 66.70 72.87 74.88
Na2O 32.74 26.52 24.24
Al2O3 0.17 0.22 0.31
Fe2O3 0.029 0.37 0.04
TiO2 0.05 0.06 0.08
CaO 0.01 0.02 0.02
MgO 0.033 0.038 0.044

Packing: Optional in elastic containers of 800 kgs to 1500kgs (reinforced polyethylene containers), polyethylene sacks of 40 kgs or in bulk.

Shipment: By open top waggons, truck, ships, barges

The Company has the possibility to produce water silicate according to specified module by the customer.

Drown Sheet Glass "Pitsburg"

For 3mm - width from 100 to 160 length from 120 to 200
For 3mm - width from 100 to 200 length from 120 to 240
For 5 & 6 mm - width from 100 to 160, length from 120 to 200
Tolerance of a sheet in thickness + / - 0.3 mm in dimensions + 4 mm
Light transmission: > 85 %
Packing: wooden crates, paper interlayer between sheets

Gray Reflective Glass "Pitsburg"

Dimensions for 3, 4, 5, 6 mm - width from 100 to 160, length from 120 to 200
Tolerance of a sheet in thickness + / - 0.3 mm in dimensions + 4 mm
Packing: wooden crates, paper interlayer between sheets

Wired and Figured Glass
/coloured and colourless/

Dimensions for wired glass - width 160 cm, length from 160 cm to
250 cm
Dimensions for figured glass - width from 80 cm to 160 cm, length from 160 cm to 250 cm
Tolerance of a sheet in thickness + / - 0.3 mm in dimensions + 4 mm
Size of the net: 12,5 / 12.5 mm
Tensile strength of the net: over 274 / MN/m2
Packing: wooden crates, paper interlayer between sheets - wrapping paper

Household Porcelain

Dinner set 19 pcs. coffee set 15 pcs. set plates 18 pcs.
20 pcs. 27 pcs.
41 pcs. tea set 15 pcs.
44 pcs. 27 pcs.
84 pcs.
Children's set 3 pcs. Fruit "Elina" 24 cm
7 pcs. Fruit "Elina" 17 cm
Set "Intim Maya" Fruit "Elina" 13 cm

The possible decoration:
decalcomania + golden ring
band + golden ring
luxury decoration