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State Science and Production Enterprise

Address 18 Klara Tsetkin Street, Moscow 125299, Russia
Tel. No. +7 095 154 0543
Fax No. +7 095 154 0513; +7 095 154 5365
Year of foundation 1976
E-mail address
Key personnel Name
General Director Mr. Antonov Konstantin Anatolievich
Type of business Production of:

  • x-ray - television
  • radio - optical - electronic
  • microwave
  • ultrasound
  • equipment and apparatus for a wide range of applications
    Ownership: State Enterprise
    No. of employees 1000
    Annual t/o 25,000 million roubles
    Main Markets: Russia and the CIS
    Bankers: Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Koptevo"

    State Science and Production Enterprise "Delta" carries out project work and launch of complex and research time consuming models of technical equipment in the following science and technical fields:

  • X-ray - television introscopes and metal detectors, designed for customs examination of luggage at border crossings and control of objects on guarded premises such as airports, banks, offices etc..

  • Medical equipment with wide diagnostic potential applied in cases of non-medication treatment and express rehabilitation of psycho-physiological conditions of people, subjected to stress effects.

  • Multi-component gas analysing and signal devices used in analysing dust currents, control of dust cleaning systems at industrial sites, analysing the content of toxic, explosive gases and hydrogen at working places, analysing the composition of smoke gases created from combustion of fuels at heat power installations, monitoring of environmental ecological parameters.

  • Heat and energy protection ultrasound devices for ecologically clean non-agent protection from heat exchanging apparatus used in power, food processing and chemical industries as well as in domestic environment.

  • Radio-ray, microwave, optical and electronic alarm devices used in guarded areas as well as alarms detecting smoke caused by fire.

  • Ultrasound devices for protection of foodstuffs and agricultural produce against rodents (rats, mice) as well as protection of large or small domestic, production and commercial premises, warehouses, etc.

  • State Science and Production Enterprise "Delta" invites investors for participation in joint projects, on the basis of equal financial investment from both sides, to organise the industrial production of the above named devices and equipment and their consecutive realisation on the domestic and foreign markets.

    State Science and Production Enterprise "Delta"also invites investors for a joint project to organise an ecologically clean production of wood filled plastic on the industrial premises of "Delta", using the technology created by the Moscow Institute of Materials Sciences and Effective Technologies allowing the production of furniture and particle boards as well as other products made of recycled materials left over from processing wood and plastic.

    For contacts and enquiries:

    18 Klara Tsetkin Street
    Moscow 125299
    Tel: + 7 095 154 0543
    Fax: + 7 095 154 0513; +7 095 154 5365