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Investment Offer

"OAO DALTECHGAS" enterprise is the largest regional supplier of liquid and gaseous oxygen, liquid nitrogen and gaseous argon.

The area of activity is Khabarovsky Krai, Amurskaya Oblast, Jewish Autonomous Oblast. The nearest similar enterprise is Ussuri Oxygen Factory which supplies the enterprises of Primorsky Krai. The enterprise was put into operation in 1954 and has undergone several reconstruction.

The company was transformed into joint-stock company in 1991. Capital stock consists of 975779 shares at nominal value of 1000 roubles each. 13.2% (129070 shares) are non- voting preferred stock and 86.8% (846709 shares ) are common stock.

44.1% of the equity belong to Khabarovsky Krai state Property Management Committee (SPMC). 42.7% of the equity belong to other companies holding up to 6% each. All preference shares belong to the company's employees.

A block of 253759 common shares ( 26.01% of the equity) will be sold in the third quarter of 1997. At present these shares belong to SPMC. Cost of the block is 507518 thousand roubles. The payment should be made whiting a month after conclusion of the contract. The buyers should be also undertake obligations to invest in the company about 1.3. million US dollars. Detailed business plan is available.

Co. Name:
JSC "Daltechgaz"
10 Uzlovaya Str., Khabarovsk, 680015 Russia
Tel. No.
+7 4212 520271
Fax No.
+7 4212 520682
Vladimir Alexandrovich Sokolov