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OJS Holding Company

Address 53 Pologaya Street, Vladivostok, 690600 Russia
Tel. No. +7 4232 267 012
Fax No. +7 4232 267 450
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1994
Key personnel Name
Managing Director Didenko Yury Grigorievich
Type of business Frozen, canned and technical sea produce
Ownership Joint stock company
Ultimate parent Co. Russian Federation State Committee on Property
No. of employees 12,000
Annual t/o 16,004,525 mln. Roubles
Export sales (%) 75.4%
Main export
Japan (38.9%), USA (27.8%), China (21%), France (3.4%)
Bankers "Far-East Bank"

OJS Holding company "Dalmoreproduct" was set up during the privatisation period of 1994 and is a direct descendent of one of the largest fishery enterprises in Russia - the production trust "Dalmoreproduct"

The main activity of the Company is fishing and processing fish, crab, and sea catch. The Company’s produce (which includes naturally canned crabs and salmon, a wide variety of frozen products as well as technical products like oil and flour) are in high demand on the foreign and domestic markets.

The Company owns 81 vessels of which 15 floating rigs, 53 fishing vessels, transportation vessels and tankers. The Holding owns the majority shares in 21 companies, 14 of which are subsidiaries of "Dalmoreproduct".

"Dalmoreproduct" has a developed coastal infrastructure:

  • pier equipment
  • cold storage utilities
  • inland transportation utilities

  • "Dalmoreproduct" provides its subsidiaries and dependent companies with:

  • transportation and storage facilities for the sea catch
  • on-going and full repairs of vessels
  • construction of production sites and residential buildings
  • hotel and medical services
  • training specialists in the marine professions
  • production sale and distribution of agricultural produce.

  • The prospects for the future development of the Holding Company are very attractive. Along with the constant renovation of the marine fleet which helps in preserving the existing marine job level, the Company is involved in construction of pier equipment, cold storage facilities and other sites of business and social importance.

    "Dalmoreproduct" is always open for mutually beneficial co-operation with partners.