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"Research & Production Enterprise"
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The open corporation BOUREVESTNIK, Inc. Research and Production Enterprise is the successor of the Leningrad Research & Production Association BOUREVESTNIK.

The works of this Association have initiated X-ray instrument making in the USSR - the first X-ray apparatus was produced in 1928 in Leningrad. Several thousands of works and institutes in the CIS countries are equipped with X-ray apparatus produced by the enterprise. Wide experience has been gained in the creation of different types of X-ray diffractometers, multichannel and scanning, energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectometers, portable X-ray flash apparatus for flaw detection purposes, electrochemical analyzers to monitor environmental pollution and in the development of large program packages and automation and control systems.

BOUREVESTNIK Inc. is the world leader in the development and making of X-ray luminescence diamond recovery machines.

The developments and products of the enterprise were used in space program for studies of the solar radiation, surface material of the Moon and Venus, in the orbital space observatories. The enterprise took part in the Energia-Buran Project. Seven programmes realised with the participation of BOUREVESTNIK's workers have been awarded the highest State prizes.

For more than 30 years the company works in the world market. In the USSR its interests were represented by Export-Import assn. Techsnabexport. Since 1986 BOUREVESTNIK performs operation on its own.

BOUREVESTNIK, Inc. is situated on the bank of the river Neva at the centre of St. Petersburg, the second largest and most important city of Russia. Its used production area is measuring 35.7. thousand sq.m. The enterprise employs 1102 people.

At present BOUREVESTNIK, Inc. specialises in making instruments for research and industrial purposes: performs research, develops and produces instruments in the following main directions:

  • X-ray luminiscense, X-ray fluorescence dressing of mineral raw materials;
  • X-ray analytical structural (XRD) and spectral (XRF) instruments, detectors of different types, analysing crystals, h.v. power supplies;
  • electrochemical instruments.

  • Photo, X-ray fluorescence analysers in shop assembly


    Its subsidiary, the joint Russian-German venture SPECTROFLASH, specialises in the development and production of portable X-ray flash apparatus used for flaw detection, recording of fast-running processes, X-ray medical diagnosis.

    BOUREVESTNIK, Inc. is actively looking for partners in other countries for the realisation of mutually beneficial co-operation and investors for commercial realisation of existing projects.

    The following may be attractive to our potential partners:

  • highly qualified personnel and working experience
  • low production expenses
  • convenient geographical location
  • knowledge of the market in Russia and CIS counties

  • Co-operation forms:

    • introduction of foreign-partner products in Russian markets and hence BOUREVESTNIK, Inc. products in world market;
    • development of the mathematical software to solve X-ray analysis problems in DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.11, Microsoft Windows '95 media;
    • joint development and production of new instruments and systems in the field of mineral raw material dressing, scrap separation;
    • joint development and production of XRD instruments for process control (phase analysers, piezoelectric quartz crystal wafers etc); X-ray spectrometers, electrochemical instruments for environmental pollution monitoring;
    • join development and production of instruments based on X-ray position-sensitive detectors;
    • production of sophisticated medical X-ray equipment under a West company licence with marketing of these apparatus in Russia.

    In 1997 BOUREVESTNIK, Inc. offers its buyers:

    • X-ray luminescence diamond recovery machines;
    • analytical X-ray general -purpose diffractometers and special purpose spectrometers;
    • electrochemical analizers;
    • panoramic dental X-ray units, portable X-ray diagnosis apparatus.

    Free training, warranty and post-warranty service.

    All inquires regarding buying and co-operation proposals
    please address to :

    68 Malookhtinsky pr., 195272 Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Tel: + 7 812 528 7272
    Fax: + 7 812 528 6633
    E-mail: brytov@bourevestnik.cinfo.ru

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