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Belaya Kalitva Metallurgical Production Association (BKMPO)

BKMPO, Belaya Kalitva 347005, Rostov Region, Russia
Tel: +7 86313 3 2458; Fax:+ 7 86313 3 1779
E-mail address:

Rolled Sheet
We are happy to offer our customers a wide range of rolled sheet metal products - hot and cold rolled sheets, plates and coils in a wide range of delivery conditions, such as annealed, guenched, aged and cold hardened - to name a few of the possibilities.

For rolling production we utilize such equipment as the 2800 FOUR HIGHSTAND hot mill, 1700, 1800, 2800, 3100 FOUR HIGHSTAND cold mills and heat adjustments are completed on a complex of equipment, including a quenching furnace, a 6 000 ton stretching machine and a Splav-6M (Alloy-6M) installation for ultra-sonic dtection of internal defects
Rolled Sheets
 metal melt refining

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