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Belaya Kalitva Metallurgical Production Association (BKMPO)

BKMPO, Belaya Kalitva 347005, Rostov Region, Russia
Tel: +7 86313 3 2458; Fax:+ 7 86313 3 1779
E-mail address:


BKMPO has a large-scaled foundry practice for the manufacture of flat and round (solid and hollow) ingots from more than 40 wrought aluminium alloys, to be used in the manufacture of plates, sheets, profiles, forging and die forging, tubes and consumer goods.

The Production Association pioneered process-casting into an electromagnetic crystallizer (EMC); this invention was patented in 17 countries around the world, including USA, Japan, germany, France etc.

Installation ALPUR D-1000 for non-furnace continuous metal melt refining.
Function: Melt purification from metalic, non-metalic and gaseous inclusions (natrium, calcium, hydrogen etc.)
Installation ALPUR D-1000 for non-furnace continuous
 metal melt refining
For the production of ingots with increased purity and high strength characteristics we utilize up to date melting-cast units, vacuum mixers of 14.5-22.5 ton capacity, limiting vacuum 133.3 Pa (1.0 MM of Hg) and inert media (argon), Alpur installation, intended for melt refining by means of melt filtration through a glass net with fixed meshes and foam ceramic filters.

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