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Belaya Kalitva Metallurgical Production Association (BKMPO)

BKMPO, Belaya Kalitva 347005, Rostov Region, Russia
Tel: +7 86313 3 2458; Fax:+ 7 86313 3 1779
E-mail address:


Rods and Profiles
The Rod and Profile Works specializes in using advanced equipment to manufacture a wide range of rods and profiles (more than
3 000 types and sizes, from more than 20 different alloys) for the aerospace industry, machine construction, ship building, radio engineering, communication, costruction and other industries.
BKMPO produces also unique long extruded and heat-treated profiles with lengths of more than 30 meters.
In the industry branch BKMPO is the leading manufacturer of profiles for coolers of engine semi-conductor instruments.
Extrusion Works

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