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Birobidzhanskaya Furniture Factory
Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 40 Sholom Aleihema Street, Birobidzhan 682200, Russia
Tel. No. +7 42 622 628 52; +7 42 622 600 07
Fax No.
+7 42 622 681 91
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1993
Key personnel Name
Managing Director Vladimir Prokhorovich Revva
Type of business Production of kitchen furniture, producing furniture on special orders
Opened Joint-Stock Company
Ultimate parent Co.
The Property Management Committee of Jewish Autonomous Region
No. of employees 220
Annual t/o 2,324 million Roubles
Main Markets Russia
Bankers Birobidzhanskiy Credit Industrial Bank

Open Joint Stock Company "Birobidzhanskaya Furniture Factory" (OJS "BFF") is situated in the town of Biribidzhan in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia. OJSC "BFF" was registered as such in 1993. In the past it was a state enterprise.

The Factory’s occupies 2500 sq. m and is equipped with domestic and imported specialised equipment.

The Factory produces kitchen furniture (with complete technological cycle: from cutting out of raw material up to finished manufactured articles). Manufactured articles are renewed periodically with the assortment being expanded including change of complete sets and materials like handles, washers, clocks, timers, nets, dryers etc. The Factory also produces any type of furniture including furniture made from natural wood in small quantities and by customers order. It also offers services that extend to design, fitting and transportation.

The basic raw materials used in the production of furniture is a wooden shaven-stab, facing stab, decorative plastic and different kinds of pellicles.

The company is using new ecologically clean technologies in producing furniture from natural wood (birch-tree, ash-tree etc.) Local natural resources are used.

"BFF" is supplying furniture to the Northern regions of Russia, the regions of the Far-East and Siberia.

The Company’s plans envisage the use of new modern materials, the mastering of modern and effective technologies and expanding its exports.

"BFF" is looking for partners interested in co-operation on mutually beneficial terms.

For inquiries and contacts:

40 Sholom Aleihema Street
Birobidzhan 682200
Tel:+7 42 622 62852; +7 42 622 60007
Fax: +7 42 622 68191