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Leather and Footwear Manufacturer and Trading Company

Address 49 Pavel Korchagin Street, Kirov 610030, Russia
Tel. No. +7 8332 629726
Fax No. +7 8332 625126
Year of foundation 1839
E-mail address
Key personnel Name
Managing Director Mr. Gutman Yevgeny Borisovich
Financial Director Ms. Rizhina Galina Petrovna
Type of business Footwear and leather manufacturer
Ownership Joint Stock Company
No. of employees 2056
Annual t/o 2 851 673 USD

Joint Stock Leather and Footwear Company "BASKO" is a direct descendent of the older leather and footwear Association whose history originates from the not too large leather factory built by the Russian entrepreneur Ivan Dolgushin in 1839.

The Company incorporates a box-calf plant with an annual capacity of 100 million sq. dm. equipped in 1991 with the most modern equipment on the market today. Apart from the leather plant the Company incorporates a modern shoe factory for the production of children and working shoes built in 1990 with a production capacity of 1 million pairs of shoes annually.

In the course of the last three years BASKO successfully fulfills orders from Russia and abroad for men's, ladies' and children's shoes from natural leather uppers and lining from natural leather and fur.

The Company has experience in the production and supply for export of semi-finished leather white-blues from hides.

BASKO welcomes partners ready to co-operate in the production of shoes and leather uppers with the aim of their realization on the Russian market.

49 Pavel Korchagin Street
Kirov 610030
Tel: +7 8332 629 726
Fax: +7 8332 625 126