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Key personnel Name
Chairman Mr. Iosif Ya. Chervonikov
Managing Director Mr. Vladimir E. Savelyev
Address 75, Prospekt Oktyabrya, Yaroslavl, 150040, Russia
Tel. No. +7 0852 257274 (Mr. Kokoreff Artem)
Fax No. +7 0852 257274
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1916
Type of business Diesel engines, power units, gearboxes, clutches
Ownership Joint Stock Company
No. of emploees 22 000
Annual turnover Over 250 million USD
Export sales 35%
Main export markets/
by country and region
Southern and South-Eastern Asia(China, Vietnam, KPDR, Mongolia), South. America (Columbia, Argentina, Chili, Brasil, Cuba), Europe (Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland), Africa (UAR, Angola, Uganda, Guinea, Egypt), CIS (Byelorussia, Ukraine).
J-S. Co. FCB "Jugra"

JSC "Avtodizel" (the Yaroslavl Diesel Engine Plant) is the largest enterprises in Russia for design and production of multipurpose engines of 180 - 730 hp range, and gearboxes, clutches and replacement parts for them. Today "Avtodizel" Co. turns out in quantity two families of 6-8 and 12-cylinder V-type diesel engines, with displacement of 11.15, 14.86, 22.3 and 25.8 liters, in basic versions and over 70 completing.

The versatility of the "YaMZ" engines has been proved by the virtually unlimited possibilities of their applications in machinery of widely different types and purposes: in truck trains, dump trucks, log carriers, in vehicles of high cross-country capabilities, in special vehicles, in heavy-duty farm and industrial tractors, in power graders, in road-building machines, on excavators, on diesel locomotives, on railway motor cars, on launches and compressor systems, in buses, combines and in more then 280 various other machinery.

Among the consumers of the products of "Avtodizel" Co. are the leading enterprises of the heavy engineering industry of Russia, Byelorussia, the Ukraine, such as Ural, Minsk, Byelorussian, Mogilyov, Kremenchug, Bryansk truck plants, the "RostSelMash", the Minsk and Kurgan wheeled tractor plants, the Cheboksary industrial tractor plant, the Kovrov, Voronezh excavator plants, the Murom and Ludinovo diesel locomotive plants, the "Kirov plant" (St.-Petersburg) and many others.

All the major transport versions of the turbocharged YaMZ power units with inducted air cooled were given International Certificates EURO 2.

A convincing proof indication of the high level of the best Yaroslavl engine design have come to be the brilliant victories won by the KamAZ trucks equipped with the YaMZ-846 engines in the prestigious marathon-rallies "Paris-Peking’95", "Granada - Dakar’96", "Paris - Ulan-Bator’96", "Optic-2000’97", "Paris -Moscow’97".

The YaMZ engines are currently supplied to 50 countries around the world, they have been displayed at international exhibitions and at auto salons in Russia, Germany, Italy, Korea, Chile, China, where they received a number of diplomas.

The "Avtodizel" Co. has a full strength staff of skilled engineers and designers, a well developed designing and engineering base, mighty pilot production facilities. Here we conduct purposeful work, in the trends of the best world engine-making, for improving the production samples of engines and for creating new designs of power units. This allows the Enterprise not only to firmly hold its grounds at the sales markets, but also to continually expand the spheres of applications of the YaMZ engines.

The "Avtodizel" Co. is a large industrial structure, embracing the entire gamut of production processes - from manufacturing of blanks and up to releasing the finished products. A streamlined system of sales and delivery of the products is functioning at the plant. The in-house developed technology of industrial repair of engines provides a 80%-reconditioned life of the product. A network of centers for engine service and repair has been created and is permanently expanding, including now over 100 service centers in Russia and abroad.

The YaMZ diesels turned out by the Plant and having their users in many countries around the world are kept under close and unceasing control of the Plant’s specialists. It is accomplishing of warranty service, post-warranty repair, as well as timely delivery of the full array of spares.

Concerning the questions of deliveries of spare parts to YaMZ diesels please contact immediately the manufacturing plant, where the Company accomplishes the stringent technical all its products prior control of. Only this will guarantee the high quality of products and the optimum performance of the engine during its entire operational life.

The "Avtodizel" Co. has its own program for the investments, that includes: the organization during the 1998-2003 years of the production of highly efficient multi-purpose power units offering enhanced performance characteristics and trade-off features, with the aim of expanding the sales marketplaces and increasing the export deliveries - through accomplishing modernization of the existing production facilities at the Plant.

The aggregate cost of the Project makes a total of 110 million USD.