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The city Pohvistnevo is located in the eastern part of Samara region on the border with Orenburg region. Samara region borders upon Uljanovsk region, Saratov region, Orenburg region and Republic of Tatarstan.

Pohvistnevo is situated on a plain, slightly raised to the East and the West. The river Bolshoj Kinel flows from the north-east to the south-west in the eastern part of the city.

The region enjoys a continental climate - dry hot summers are followed by cold snowy winters. The nature is picturesque and diverse. Several small rivers are cutting through hills and falling into Bolshoj Kinel. Alongside these rivers such trees like birch, bird cherry tree, lime tree, rowan tree could be found.

City Pohvistnevo boasts an advantageous geographical location. It is situated in the centre of the European Part of Russia, on the cross-roads of the main railways and motorways connecting different economic regions - Povolzhskij, Uralskij etc. There are plenty of oil and gas here.

The importance of the city as a transport centre is growing. At the same time Pohistnevo is regarded as one of the best cities from ecological point of view. There are no chemical plants or major industrial enterprises in the city. The nearest industrial centre Samara is 160 km away. Population of Pohistnevo accounts 28 thousand. Out of the total 6449 hectares of the region's territory, 2225 hectares are allotted to agriculture. The main industrial enterprises are: "Kinelneft", Joint-Stock company Samaraneftegaz", Industrial Department of Main Gas Lines, Technological Transport Department, Plant for Cement Articles, Building and Assembling Department N-4, Joint-Stock company "AVERS-M", Furniture Manufacturers etc.

Company history

In 1982 Pohvistnevskij Machine building Plant was established by the Ministry of Aviacraft Industry as a branch of Kujbishevsk Machine-Building Industrial Association "Metallist". Pohvistnevskij Machine-Building Plant was initially created as a Defence Industry Enterprise. This fact guaranties advance level of technological culture and high professional skills of its employees. During the period of privatisation all these positive features were preserved and further developed.

Open Joint-Stock company "AVERS-M" was created in 1991 on the basis of Pohvistinskij Machine-Building Plant. The working area of enterprise makes to 6 thousand square meters with 6 thousand square meters being vacant. The Plant owns 36 hectares of land, which is located close to the Transsiberian Main Railway as well as to the Republican Motorway. The Plant has its own energy resources, its own railway line (dead-end type) and is easy approachable from the motorway.

The product

In 1985 the most crucial part of the diesel D-65N - crankshaft DOZ-001D - was put into production. Diesel D-65N and its modifications are being used as power-plant in the multy-purpose Trctor-cultivator UMZ-6, in electrical units, in building and road building machines. Constructive features of the crankshaft as well as high quality production are guarantee diesel's motoresource to be at 10000m/hour, which is the top for diesels of this class. The crankshaft (in assembling with bushes) DOZ-S91A is in a high demand and is being supplied to almost all Russian regions, to CIS countries, Cuba, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Germany, Canada, USA etc.

The main parameters of Crankshaft DOZ-001D
(DOZ-091A in assembling with bushes):

diameter of circumscribed circle
diameter of basic shaft journal
diameter of controd shaft journal
quantity of basic shaft journal
quantity of controd shaft journal
angle of controd shaft journal
180 degrees
weight of crankshaft in assembling
with bushes
47.3 kilograms
10000 meters per hour
Invitation to businesses for cooperation and investments

At the present time the plant is developing production of the second intensified modification of the crankshaft DOZ-S91E, which will broaden the area of application of the diesel. The preparation of production of the crankshaft of the third and fourth intensity is carried on at the moment. That will allow to increase power of the diesel.

The production line is designed for output of 4000 crankshaft monthly. "AVERS-M" is the only Russian manufacturer for this particular unit of the diesel. "AVERS-M" is willing to broaden its export market and is ready to co-operate with the new partners. The price of the crankshaft in assembling with bushes (FOB - city Pohvistnevo) is 330 US Dollars. (the given price is correct on 1 November 1996).

The advantageous geographical position of the enterprise "AVERS-M", high power capacities, vacant areas suitable for production development, Possibility to use labour force - all of these factors are creating favourable conditions for mutually beneficial business co-operation and for placing of investments.

Director General - Alexander Semjenovich Shulaikin
Technical Director - Nikolay Petrovich
Deputy Director General - Farid Ahmedgalievich Aitov
Address Mira Street 68, Pohvistnevo Samara Region, Russian Federation
Tel: +7 (84656) 2 2210, 2 2215
Fax: +7 (84656) 2 1737
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How to get to Pohvistnevo (from Moscow):
By plain - from Moscow airport "Domodedovo" to Toljatti airport "Kurumoch".
Flights No. 741, 743, 745. From airport take bus No. 530 - "Toljatti - Buguruslan"

By train - from Kasan Station in Moscow take:
No.72 "Moscow - Akmola"
No.74 "Moscow - Pavlodar"
No. 40 "Moscow - Ufa"
No.220 "Moscow - Karaganda".

How to get to Pohvistnevo (from Samara):

By bus
No.698 "Samara - Alkino"
No.645 "Samara - Buguruslan" and "Samara - Pohvistnevo".
By train
"Samara - Alekseevo" or "Samara - Pohvistnevo".
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